Friday, March 30, 2012

much is not happening here

Well now it seems as though I wont be moving into a new apt after all this place wanted to charge me another deposit just to move downstairs LOL !! what a joke this place is but hey Im grateful to have a roof over my head when there are some of us fellow americans are homeless . Im grateful to have a warm bed to crawl into at night as well . God has really been on my heart lately and I pray that this new dr can truly tell me what is wrong with me . Im praying and hoping that eventually they will get me out of this pain . The primary dr would not touch it and she reffered me to a pulmonologists again so we are headed to OSU medical center and let them poke and prod me and hopefully and i pray that this dr will find out what is going on . So if you are the praying kind my readers please pray for me that they can get me out of this pain . Remember to Thank God for your health and i thank God that I can feel . There are alot of ppl out in this world that can no longer feel . take care as always .