Monday, August 29, 2011

Finally found one

Well I finally found a paris blogger background . It is on my blog now as I am typing this . I so wish that I could make another trip to Paris . I feel like it was ages ago when I went , guess what it has been ages LOL !!! I know corny . Please forgive me as I could not resist being a clown for a little bit . I loved the paris card that my dear charlie brown sent me and I glued it together and made it into a wall hanging . I love when my dear charlie brown sends me little goodies in the ever so popular small envie or the ever so tiny box . I have tried to make my letters a little more brighter lately by drawing and coloring in their little face and such etc ... I hope my dear pen pals will enjoy them so much . One can only hope can we not ? if you enjoy this background then you will be able to find it at shabby blogs .com . I really like most of their backgrounds . Oh well I will stop with the shameless plugs LOL !!! I am so glad I have heard from everyone after the hurricane and earthquake and happy to say that all is well . Take care everyone .

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake on the east coast

I hope all my friends on the east coast are well and good and please check in and let me know you are okay if you can . I will pray that there are no aftershocks . God bless us all .

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anyone interested in trading some rubber stamps ?

Hello again any of my fellow readers interested in trading some rubber stamps ? If you are then we will make an even trade for them say 5 for 5 or something like that . These are nice rubber stamps but would like to trade them up for other ones since these no longer interest me . If you would like I could send photos of what I have and then we can go from there . Any of you rubber stamp enthusiatist interested ? if so leave me a comment and I will get back with you and leave your email so I can send photos of what I have . Thanks and have a wonderful day fellow readers and letter writing fans . Oh yeah these are wood mounted and would like the same in return .

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I have missed quite a bit of blogging

Due to an illness I have missed quiet a bit of blogging . As some of you might know or might not know . I have been really down and out with what I thought was bronchitis , If this was bronchitis , I will eat your hat . This illness was not like any I have ever expierienced before . I m just now getting over the cough . I think I must have coughed more in the last 6 weeks than I have ever done before in my entire life . Now the second problem arrises , I have pulled my back out and it is very difficult to sleep and walk . I hoping this does not last 6 wks . I have been behind in my housework and everything else blogging included . I hope to be back to normal soon and will try and get more blogs in while doing so .Take care my wonderful readers and my awesome friends .

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Never buy anything Bissell makes !!!!

I am here telling all my readers and followers to never buy anything Bissell makes because they are liars and have decietful and false business practices and anything they make only will last you 6 months if you are lucky !!! I have been round and round with them and calling and calling anyone who will listen to me . I filed a complaint with the bbb of grand rapids michigan and Bissell's response was to send me 3 12.99 coupons which I will not use because , I my dear readers refuse to put another dime in Bissell's pocket . Years ago a companys name meant everything and now they just dont care !!! I made the response simple , I just want my money back . I dont want your coupons or a refurbished machine , No I want my money back . Take the coupons and shove them where the sun does not shine . I also want a written apology for your company putting out such junk on the market to swindle the consumer . I know that I wont get any of these things . But I am truly considering a class action lawsuit against Bissell . and as you can see my friends this will not be the first class action lawsuit that Bissell has had brought against it. No No , by doing some deep seeded research I have found another case where Bissell was brought to court and proved to be the liars they are . It seems as though a Miss Mandi Green of Southern Alabama took Bissell to court in the U.S. District Court in the great state of Alabama . It seems they claimed that their steam mops produced steam which was found to be false . So if any of my dear readers and followers have something Bissell that does not work or stop working and they never made good on their warranty then please get in touch with me . Team work and the internet are wonderful things and so is some good old fashioned research . Believe me folks when I say Im not stopping here , I will bad mouth bissell every chance I get and I will write scathing reviews . You see Bissell now you have made an enemy of me instead of a friend and that is a really bad thing . I could have been a really good ally but no, you chose to make me an enemy . Well my dear readers I will leave it at that .