Saturday, September 30, 2017

The downfall of america

I had a conversation about this with some friends while at dinner the other night and I happen to think it is a good subject to talk about . I was standing in line while at the grocery store a dad and his teenage son were having a discussion . The dad told the son he was only 16 and he did not need a job cause he was playing sports and getting good grades . I disagree firmly . I mean after all it says in the bible if you don't work you don't eat . I think he is doing his son a disservice by not letting him work at a job and also maintain grades , good grades that is . Sports is okay for a side line but clearly everyone should be taught how to work . That is how the world works . In essence we as parents make our teenagers lazy by not demanding that they work and become a contributing member of society . Instead parents make excuses for their children by claiming "I want them to be happy at their jobs " . who is happy at their job not very many people I know . I think parents are setting a bad standard when not allowing their teenagers to work . I cannot believe how many don't . I have worked since I was 16 yrs old . My mother put us to work cleaning other peoples houses at 1.50 an hour . did we like it ? no but we had to work and we also had to give our mother half of what we earned . She was teaching us to pay bills and to take care of our own homes .Seeing how little we had left taught us priorities and how to get them in place . These teenagers who are allowed to stay home and do nothing are not learning a darn thing but the fact that their parents are going to take care of them . Listen up folks some of these parents need a wakeup call . If you are one of them , change things and you will be glad you did .

Monday, September 18, 2017

oh boy does the mail lady reek !!! (Sorry folks this contain profanity yes im that mad )

My mail lady just went zooming by with my mail and her trail of Shalimar and her makeup stain on my letters being delivered is a little more than I can take indeed . There is not a perfume in the world that smells more repulsive than Shalimar . I'm sorry if some of you readers wear it , but frankly it gives me heaves and migraines to inhale that repulsive scent . Then there is the dark complexion makeup that is left on my mail aka letters because someone refuses to wear gloves to handle the mail . Now today she went zooming by in a rather fast fashion because I'm sure she knew I would say something to her about her makeup and her perfume . I'm done asking this woman not to do this while in the service of my mail so tomorrow morning I will visit my post office  and lodge a complaint against this woman because she does not understand what I am saying . Nor will I, take any shit from the post office manager which they have tried in the past and telling me to get a post box. My Ass will not get a post office box when I have a perfectly good mail box at the curb of my home . The reason I'm writing here is because frankly I'm pissed off and tired of getting smelly , makeup ridden mail . I have complained once before to her and someone else said well she is older and maybe she has lost her sense of smell . I wish I had lost my sense of smell , seriously folks ? I mean you have to be so careful when you are in the public eye and spectre and I wonder if some of you would say the same thing if she sent your loved one to the hospital after having a reaction to such mail and makeup ? I'm sure some of you might say I'm being overly sensitive to this issue and to that I say :Unless you have been where I'm sitting and suffering for three days with a migraine and nausea then please be quiet and let those of us who are sufferers from such odors take charge and end the madness .

Sunday, September 3, 2017

well it seems as though we are coming to the end of our summer season

I can already feel the change in the air and in the am it is quite pleasant and nice . almost cool and crisp one might say . I'm looking forward to the leaves changing and the pumpkins and even a lil snow maybe ? who knows but seasons turn and time changes and life marches on . soon my flowers will bid adieu to the bright summer sun who kept them happy and cheerful . I hope that all is well and I bid adieu to summer indeed and say hello to fall and falling leaves and pumpkins and ghouls and goblins on Halloween night . Yes my dear friends season change and the world turns and time marches on .