Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is why I cant ever seem to get things done on time

This is usually why I cannot get anything done because I usually have a bird or a dog on me , near me or around me or someone is fussing because they dont like the way things are . Or they are throwing their food everywhere and I cannot stand dirt being the clean freak that I am and will get up and clean and I honestly think that sometimes animals have a conspiracy going to make me nuts and or crazy . What do you readers think ? , do our animals know when we are busy trying to think or do something and then they put their two cents in ? what say you readers ?

Monday, May 30, 2011

This is absoloutly lovely

Paris Rubber Stamp Set in a Tin By Cavallini & Co.
by Cavallini
In Stock.Offered by timelessfavors dot com

All of my fellow crafting friends and rubber stamp fiends , I just love this set and found it on amazon . However it is a tad bit costly I just love anything associated with France . Spending some time there many yrs ago I fell in love With Paris . Could that be titled "From Paris with Love " LOL . Well hey Im no writer and some times things or statements just pop in my head and pop out of my mouth :) . Does anyone else find their selves doing that as well ? I sure hope so or I might end up thinking Im just a total head case LOL !!! Adieu my dear readers and have a wonderful day ..

Sunday, May 29, 2011

taking the dogs on a stroll

Took the dogs for a stroll and one as you can see was talking to me and letting me know that she was rather happy about going to take a grass jaunt and then onto pet smart . They love petsmart because they like meeting new ppl and dogs . This morning we met a rather nice lady who worked for blue diamond dog food and was rather shocked when I told her that neither one of my dogs can digest dog food and believe me when I say we have tried every brand available . She asked me if that was because of their breed and I told her I dont know but some chihuahuas are diabetic . My male the brown one has low blood sugar problems so naturally that does not make living with him any easier . However these dogs eat brown rice and boiled chicken which must be rather good for them because you can see they are the picture of health .We also saw a rather friendly cat up for adoption and he was adorable and if I had not had the birds , I would have been tempted . Oh well my readers have a wonderful day and take care .

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My creative side has come back

A while ago I got to thinking since I really adore some of the cards that people send me why not make them pictures by gluing and placing some tiny brads in strategic places and adding some ribbon I could turn these little gems into maybe some wall hangings . I have quite a few of them and I wanted to share my latest creation with my readers . So leave a comment and tell me what you think . Im really interested to hear what others think . So take care all and have a fantabulous day .

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Am I doomed to see grey clouds and rain forever ?

It just seems like it has rained forever here . I have been enjoying thinking of things to do inside while the weather has been so bad and the only thing is how bad this weather makes my joints hurt LOL !!Of course some will say that is because I am getting old I dont think so . I am trying to develop some new ideas for mail art and sometimes that is really hard . So I will be working on mail art the next few days and hope to come up with some new themes . Have a great day all .

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Well back to cold weather again UGH !!

Well now we are going to go from 80 degree weather to 50 degrees for a high in a few days . I know someone who lives in the mtns in tennesee and she said there was still snow on the mtn tops in April . Well I think mother nature is a tease sometimes and she let us see just a pinch of summer and now here she goes messing with us again and giving us 50 degree weather . Yahoo , maybe we should get out the sleds and skis too ? Nah I hope Im kidding . Just about the sleds and the skis cause I know it will be 50 for a high tommorow .

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Other two loves of my life

These are the other two loves of my life . The green one is Arnold the one Im always talking about and the blue one Is Martin .Arnold is five and Martin is two and they are both so smart that it scares me . It seems they know what Im going to do before I do . This morning and most mornings they get to eat with me , which means scrambled eggs which they love and some times potatoes but not often with the potatoes and maybe a bit or two of toast which they love . as you maybe can tell the second pic martin loves the camera and arnold does not and frequently turns away from it . I also have discovered that they quite like each other despite both birds being male . Im so glad they get along and no fights have broken out .. nothing like having a fellow feathered friend I suppose in the bird world .

I love how their colors come out on film .

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Things are back to normal here thank the good lord above

Thank goodness things are starting to get back to normal . I have things hung up in the new place and finally got my mail box keys and the animals are settling down . Change seems to readily upset them . The moving concept to them is strange I guess . I love it cause now the dogs are starting to know that this is home and they bark when they hear someone or something which is a good thing . I also got my first letter which was a treat for me cause I have missed writing letters and receiving them and got the first one outta the box today and hope to get more in the coming days . Woo hoo Kendra finally got booted off of dancing with the stars yep glad about that one . It truly has been a day where the moon and the stars have co-ordinated in the universe and that is truly great !!! :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Okay It is official I hate mail box keys and community mailboxes

I hate mail box keys and community mail boxes . I moved over the wknd and not only do we not have a mail box key yet we dont even know what mail box is ours . I think I may have to wait a wk for a key and it will drive me crazy and then I will be pissed at our mail system because to me that is just lazy to not even have a new tennant a mail box key already made and waiting for them ? But you can believe they did have their hand out for our money for the rent and other fees . I think if it does take a week I will march my butt down to the post office and give them a good piece of my mind . I am also pissed at Uhaul for delaying our move by three hours and giving us the run around about where our moving truck was ? Three places we were sent to looking for our truck and oh by the way my readers a reservation means nothing with Uhaul . Please boycott Uhaul and use penske . I am btw sending a wonderfully mean opinion letter to the president and ceo of Uhaul which Im sure will really tick someone off I sure hope it will anyways !!! Okay this move was a disaster , I wanted a new apt in a nicer complex and I did manage to get it and now I have located a washer and dryer thank god but wont be able to obtain it until the end of may or the end of june which ever comes first . You can see I have had a really stinky wknd and its official I hate moving and I hate not having keys to things I need !!!!