Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Other two loves of my life

These are the other two loves of my life . The green one is Arnold the one Im always talking about and the blue one Is Martin .Arnold is five and Martin is two and they are both so smart that it scares me . It seems they know what Im going to do before I do . This morning and most mornings they get to eat with me , which means scrambled eggs which they love and some times potatoes but not often with the potatoes and maybe a bit or two of toast which they love . as you maybe can tell the second pic martin loves the camera and arnold does not and frequently turns away from it . I also have discovered that they quite like each other despite both birds being male . Im so glad they get along and no fights have broken out .. nothing like having a fellow feathered friend I suppose in the bird world .

I love how their colors come out on film .

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