Monday, June 4, 2012

okay now im ticked

okay I just heard that some of my fave tv shows are gone to begin with Harrys Law which I really adored . The gifted man about a dr who saw his deceased wife and also cared about people after seeing his deceased wife . Folks we need some of these feel good shows and im calling for a boycott of nbc because the reason they gave for harrys law being cancelled was the demographic they are interested in is the 18- 49 demographic and now that makes me mad . Dear NBC you are morons !!! We older people stay home and watch tv because we dont feel like going out on the road with a bunch of drunk people going home !!! I for one am sad at the loss of some of these wonderful feel good shows . and as for cbs you are morons as well .there are far more uninteresting shows that got renewed and you have to cancel the gifted man , what morons !!! i am calling for a letter writing campaign for harry s law and the gifted man . we want them back !!! wnat to join me I saw we flood nbc and cbs with emails demanding that they re think these cancelations !!!