Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today is much better

Well today has been much better and I feel much better and I want to say hello to all my new followers and welcome aboard to what might be a wild ride cause you never know what you are going to get , oh wait is that not part of a line from a movie called forrest gump ? jeeze here I go again with the one liners from movies . Hey give me some credit at least I did not use that tired one from Jerry Mcguire "you complete me " oh please who really says stuff like that ? Not me of course cause I am making light of it . I guess you can tell I am feeling so much better than yesterday . It always amazes me with this blog that I see the little ones that take so much self control that this disease requires , it just floors me . I wonder how I would have done it at their age ? I cant say that I would know how . I think I have learned to adjust not sucumb but adjust as everyone of us t1s has done . Oh well enough for today and be carefull all out there among them english . Yeah I know another movie line .

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All over the charts again

Hey do we ever get a break from this crappy disease ? I mean today I have been all over the charts regardless of what I have eaten and believe me I look and log it all . I am just so tired of doing this day after day and am so praying everyday for a cure ,
I want to let ppl know right now that insulin is not a cure it is a treatment . did everyone hear that ? it is not a cure it is a treatment . I am so done with this horrible disease , it is a battle everyday . when we as type 1s put our feet on the floor every morning it is like we ask ourselves okay what battle are we going to face today ? will we be chasing highs or lows or what ? well everyday is a food battle too . dont eat this , dont eat that . ah and the reveered juice box that is our saving grace , is it not ? I love the days when I am actually in control today does not happen to be one of those days . One minute I am high and the next I am low .I still dont have this figured out after 32 yrs . I feel so worn out some days and just feel like crawling back into bed and sleeping these days away but I dont and I trod on through and try to make it and that is what we are all doing untill we get a CURE !!! Not insulin !!! A CURE !!!!
Okay I am done venting now and be carefull out there among them english .

Monday, September 28, 2009

update on the doggie dilema

I just wanted to show you all what the doggie who is my trouble child looks like with his ears up and he is squinting his eyes cause the flash hurts his eyes . the brown and white baby is my mild child . Good news all the e collar is gone and the foot is healing just fine . I am so glad cause that e collar would scratch me everytime he got too close to my skin OUch !!! Oh well he is still on his medicine though cause he has to stay on that untill this saturday and will be so glad . It is hard enough for me to remember to do some things much less remember to give meds to others . Okay here we go again with the alzheimers . Nah , just kidding . Well just be carefull out there among them english . stay well all .

Another book review

Okay here is another book I bought this one from a gift card I received through a survey . I bought it from amazon as a used book although it did not look at all used . This is an amazing book from a new writer named Lesley Kagen and let me tell you I could not put this book down once I started it . If i did not have to sleep I could have finished this in a night . It took me two days to finish it off and i did not want it to end . It also had a surprise ending and I was floored after I finished it . It is an excellent read and I highly reccomend it . Oh well be carefull out there and pick up a good book .

a book review

Hey there all this is a book I received via swaptree where you
can swap cds ,dvds, and books . You pay postage and the other
person does too and you get your books in the mail . It is a wond
erfull way to exchange reading matierial . This book is awesome
and I wanted to read it before I rent the movie .The book is thought provoking to say the least and it was good and I did not want to put it down . There is a surprise ending to it . I found it a good read . check it out if you like to read .

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Doggie update

Well this is an update to the earlier post , a couple of days ago .
This doggie is feeling much better and the anti biotic is working well and the sore is clearing up . He is still in the e collar simply because if I take it off the licking starts up again and the infection starts all over again . I am leaning towards the fact that he will be staying in the e collar for about two wks if not more . This doggie is my problem child . I used to think my kids , my sons ,one of which is a type 1 diabetic was going to be the cause of me going totally grey . Not true I think this dog will be the one to do it . This dog I am referring to is a chihuahua and you cant tell because his ears cannot stand up in the collar . His sister is the meek and mild one . She is so mellow and it is like night and day with these two .
Thanks to all of you who asked about him and wanted to let you all know that he is fairing much better these days and will take a pic when the collar is off and he is back to normal , whatever he perceives normal to be . Oh well be carefull out there among them english .

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The vet visit

Well the dog made it to the vet and he is now on anti biotics and he is in an e collar . So it is what it is and the poor dog makes you feel so bad for him but things should be better in a few days . Doggie dilemas are nothing out of the ordinary around here . Oh I also got my flu shot and it did cost quite a lot . thanks for reading and please let us all be carefull out there among them english .

Friday, September 18, 2009

Yoga class

Well kiddos I went to the first yoga class last night and let me tell you that gal will put you through your paces . I also suffered a low and had to have a juice box and a snack at break .
One of the ladies in the class was a little snotty body and said something like "you are not to have food in the class " they have a sign out there you know . Well one of the other ladies was very kind and simply stated to her and told her that some people have medical conditions and there are always exceptions to the rules ! I just dont understand some ppls way of thinking about how they can always open their mouth when it is not really needed This snotty body has two kids ages 7 and 9 and I can only imagine the parent -teacher confrences she must have . Then after class I see how her kids turned out . The 7 yr old told her father "mom says it is time to go Howard " . I said to him oh your the kids step dad ? Oh no I m their dad . If I had dared called my father by his first name ever I would have been toting such a cherry red rear it would not have been funny . she allows the children the place her husband should have in the family dynamic . I see now how she acts and actually I felt better after that . Okay be carefull out there among them english and thanks to lady lake I will be getting a flu shot . LOL !!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flu shots

Lately flu shots have come into light and much disscussions . We have not only our regular flu shots but yet you have the H1N1 shot better known as swine flu . I have seen quite a few questions about weather we know enough about the swine flu vaccine to be giving it to our kids and how many deaths are going to result from getting both the regular flu vaccine and the swine flu vaccine and will one shot cancel the benefits of the other . I 'm sorry but I have not had a flu shot in ten yrs and have not had the flu since (knock wood ) . I have rarely been sick except for the d . That in itself is enough in my opinion to drive anyone over the cliff LOL !!! I am entered into a yoga class and the yoga teacher was spraying her classroom with lysol the other day and she absoloutly went to town with it . Now my cousin was stating that her dr said that most likely the media is blowing this totally out of propotion in his opinion . Oh well I will close here for now . Remember to be carefull out there among them english .

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Well these are two of my pets . The male chihuahua nicknamed
Kooey . he is three yrs old and the one sitting on him is my quaker parrot . These two are some of the most friendly animals I have ever known . They dont like strangers though and arnold and this dog are the best of friends . They also play on the floor like two dogs would play . I think the quaker does not know he is a bird because the dog treats him like another dog . or the dog thinks he is a bird who knows with these two , I think us humans can learn something from the animals ,in reference how to get along . Well that is it for today and take care out there among them english .

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another freebie

Hey guys I got this awesome insulin and pen carrier from the folks at novo nordisk and I think that it was awesome that they would send this to me just for asking about it . I think it will come in very handy as well .
Also do any of my loyal readers have a ladies gym bag you are not using ? I need one for a yoga class and dont really want to spend big bucks on a new one cause with limited funds that is just out of the ? the yoga class is free at the y and took advantage of it since I need the exercise . I have scoured the goodwills and flea markets and apparently these are hard to get so if anyone can help just please email me and you can find my email on my profile page thanks again . Be carefull out there among them english .

The dog has done it again

Well the male chihuahua has irritated his dew claw and it is swollen and it has been wrapped with what my vet reccomended is called vet wrap and you can pick it up at petsmart for like three bucks and it comes in handy for the birds which you readers know I have too so . It is usually the male chihuahua who hurts himself on a regular basis and the bird who plucks a blood feather and gets wrapped too . I swear between the male dog and the bird they keep my hopping like I had small children at home again . There is never a dull moment in my house . So be carefull out there among them english .

Things in the mail today

I did surveys over at and they sent me these for completing surveys and your points add up and you get these things in the mail . I thought it was a hoot that I actually got them . It is a glucose fluid in the green bottle and chewable orange tablets in the tube . Those folks are awesome and cant hurt to get free things that you will use you know . It has been raining here all day , I mean I dont mind the rain but hate when it rains all day long here . well be carefull out there among them english .

Friday, September 11, 2009

R.I.P . James R. Dougan 9/11/01

On this day 8 yrs ago our cousin Jimmy jumped into his truck and on his way to work not knowing that this would be the last day of his life along with the rest of his ladder company . I know that my aunt and uncle will never forget this day for the rest of their lives . James Robert Dougan age 27 along with the rest of those sweet boys who lost their lives that day and so many as well in those two towers . Let us never forget those brave souls who gave their lives in service for others .

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Well I got an email back from aetna this am !!!

The lady that sent the email said she could not believe that they turned me down on the basis of just being an insulin dependant diabetic . She claims she is going to look into my file further and find out what is going on cause normally they dont turn down just on that basis alone . Then she asked me if my husbands last name was the same as mine ? Uh duh yeah he is my husband !!! I just dont think this will go anywhere and I must say when I saw the ? I had to laugh because these are the ppl that are in charge of our life insurance companys and most likely the future of our country and that should be very scary to some of us . I think the email just served the purpose to make me laugh which it did . LOL !!!!Well we shall see what comes of this and I will keep you , all my readers informed of what happens but it was just a hoot to wake me up this morning . smile and take care all and be carefull out there among them english .

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I say all of us should boycott Aetna Insurance Company !!

I sincerely hate all insurance companys and having to deal with them . Of course when the hubby started a new job we looked into health insurance and we decided to pass up on that because of the cost , in other words do we keep a roof over our heads or do we pay for health insurance ? We opted to be two of the millions of americans who are walking around without health insurance . But a month ago we applied to the life insurance company that hubbys employer carries and it is Aetna . I am cringing as I say the name . I received today in the mail a letter stating that they were declining to carry a life insurance policy on me simply based upon the fact that I am an insulin dependant diabetic . To me that is the highest form of discrimination . I want to know why insurance companies are allowed to cherry pick . In other words Aetna only insures healthy ppl . No wonder our country is in such a mess . I am so pissed right now I just cannot even put this into words !!! Well thanks for reading and letting me rant . Be carefull out there among them english .

Wow another blog brought back a memory for me

After reading someone else's blog I remembered what had happened a few yrs ago at a bakery in Jacksonville florida . I was attending a friends wedding when this happened . we all had come into town for a few days and were chatting at a bakery and enjoying coffee and cupcakes . well when I got mine I scraped all the icing off and I was getting stares from the lady who baked the cupcakes . I smiled and she gave me the nastiest look and I said "I'm sorry did I do something to offend you ? " her response was hell yes you scraped the icing off of my damn cupcake, what the hell is wrong with you ? I told her I was sorry but I am not able to eat the icing because of my blood sugar . She told me that I had no business in her bakery then and me and my friends should go immediately . So we did . I have a friend who lives in Jax and she says the bakery went out of business and I thought to myself gee I wonder why LOL !! Maybe because you had such a hatefull b*tch running the place . Oh well just my rant for the day . I might post again today if I get something delicious in the mail . Be carefull out there among them english folks .

Monday, September 7, 2009

a new beanie baby added to the collection of mascots

His name is fable and he is a unicorn and he is the newest addition to my mascots I use on here from time to time . I think he is a cutie . This is labor day here in the united states so I have been alerted that many of our overseas friends have to still work today and it is a normal day for them . So let us all remember while we are enjoying our time for bbqs and family and friends that there are other people in the world that are not so fortunate and lucky as we are to be enjoying a holiday today . I will close here for now and
remember be carefull out there among them english .

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I wonder

I wonder sometimes if this photo does represent how we might feel if this photo was true to life and
represented how many dots we have on our finger tips from testing our blood sugars . Actually this is a photo of a henna tattoo
received from a pen pal but it kind of to me reps blood testing somehow . The other photo is a black and white image and if you use your imagination you can probably see all kinds of things in it . Let me know what you see . Have a great day and be carefull out there among them english .

Do you ever wonder ?

Friday, September 4, 2009

really raunchy night or is it morning ? cant remember

Well this morning I woke up about 3 am and found myself at a 35 I should have been dead I guess . I drank some apple juice and tested three more times and went back to sleep and I have felt like hell and I am totally in a fog which usually can be relied upon to keep going untill I go to sleep again tonight . well of course i bring myself up again only to be high the rest of the day . I am so totally needing sleep right now and cant or should I say wont because I know that if I try to nap I will end up not sleeping tonight .Well I am finally going to go to the grocery store tonight maybe LOL !!! whooooo the hell knows anymore LOL !! I guess it is just the bgs taking over again . I will eventually get to the grocery store sometime today or tommorow .I have to go concentrate on my grocery list yeah we will see how far I get with that . I will let you know eventually how I did and what I did . Well all be carefull out there among them english .

Thursday, September 3, 2009

some more pics of my little box

I have a whole stash of stickers and I used some of the ones that I could not stick on envies without them being torn by the post office . Now this box stashes my diabetic supplies . You know all those little vial of strips and things that you really dont know where they were stashed or where to put them . I saw this little box at target and decided yeah I will get that .

some of these are kawaii and notice the no sugar sticker in yellow . I thought what better sticker to put on this little box . It also has a violin sticker on it cause some of you know that I am a classically trained violinist which had opened up many , many opportunities for me in my younger years and it was an awesome ride and that will always be with me . Oh well I am closing here and be carefull out there among them english .

look at my new little box

This is my new little box to put some of my supplies out on my desk.I would rather they be in a box
than just sitting out on my desk .

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

more pics

the first pic reminds me of an alice and wonderland theme . I applogize for the lighting is not very good and the pic shows like a cartoon image of a king and queen at a big table . It just struck me as great because I have an alice and wonderland postcard and she did not know this . I also was in awe of the koala bear and the turtle . all of these images remind me of old national geographic magazines or old encyclopedias of our mother's era . I hope you enjoy like I do and did .

I got awesome mail yesterday


I received some awesome mail yesterday from my pen pal friend Ruckus out in Oregon. The girl with the long neck slays me . the other picture is a buffalo soldier with a camel . if you dont know what a buffalo soldier was or is please do a google , it is part of our history as americans and I think that the buffalo soldier was very important . I will be adding more pics to accompany this blog so please explore .