Tuesday, September 1, 2009

more pics

the first pic reminds me of an alice and wonderland theme . I applogize for the lighting is not very good and the pic shows like a cartoon image of a king and queen at a big table . It just struck me as great because I have an alice and wonderland postcard and she did not know this . I also was in awe of the koala bear and the turtle . all of these images remind me of old national geographic magazines or old encyclopedias of our mother's era . I hope you enjoy like I do and did .


  1. Those are nice! I love vintage images!

  2. Thanks for your comments... Elise is actually on shots, so we don't need to worry about someone wanting to look at her pump (I think I would politely decline that request). Funny you should say you like Irish and French. Elise's middle name is Rian... Gaelic for "mark or imprint"