Monday, November 28, 2011

If you are missing a letter from me

Hi all and yes I am still sick it has been close to five months of being sick and just exactly what is wrong with me no one seems to know . Well this am went for the cat scan , one amongst many I have had . Ugh dreadful things they are and I always have to cover my eyes when they are taking them in order not to be claustraphobic . Yes my friends I am also claustrophobic . Lovely huh ? I hope this will be the last one i have to have . Next monday we confer with the dr as to what direction we go from here ? Im hoping to be done with the home oxygen soon . Yes I had double pneumonia also for the last two months and I am so hoping it is gone by now , but who knows . Well just say our prayers and hope for the best . take care all and I am mailing out 7 pieces of mail today . I will get caught up I promise .

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers and friends

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers and friends and I wish you all a wonderful day full of family and friends and wonderful food and footbal (for those of you who watch ) . Have a safe and happy holiday and take care . Be back soon .

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Bird Sisters

Okay Im putting a call out to all my readers and see if anyone of them has a copy of this book titled "The Bird Sisters " By Rebecca Rasmussen . I would be more than glad to pay you for sending this book to me . It is just a book that I would really love to have and cannot find a copy anywhere in this town or the next one over and other book sites want too much for it and I cannot abide paying full price for anything anymore . I think that just creates more landfill problems , you know recycle reuse . I would be more than happy with used if it is still in readable condition . I want to thank all my readers in advance for any help you can give me .

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Since Im feeling better

This has been quite the expierience having pneumonia that is . I have sat here and instead of letting my mind turn to mush I have come up with a whole new set of ideas of how to deco my envelopes being the avid letter writer that I am . Yes my husband seems to think that I have taken on the job of keeping the postal system in business single handedly LOL !! No not really just throwing that out there . It seems as though I have scared some of my fellow pen pals , now they read my letter first to make sure Im not in the hospital again . Believe me it was not my choice to be in the hospital it was fate that had their hands in that my dear readers . Believe me when I say I will try to avoid the hospital at all costs again or at least a hospital stay . Now back to what I was talking about . I have come up with some charecters that some of you will see from time to time . Im really thinking that I might just get into illustrations from different ideas that come across my brain from time to time .So those of you whom I write will see them from time to time on my letters and I would appreciate feedback from those if you are so inclined to do so . I will not reveal them until I get some feedback on them and will post a picture on this blog sometime in the future . Well that is all for now dear readers . Take care and stay safe .