Sunday, December 17, 2017

my newest aquisition

the first is a new curio cabinet I found at a thrift store , The second is the tree I had refered to in another post and I have finally finished what I was going to do with it . The curio cabinet caught my eye right off the bat and I got an awesome deal for it , They knocked 5.00 off .  I had this idea from the tree a while back and I love the parrots . I got this idea from a friend who recently traveled to Jamaica she said the parrots there hang out in the trees and bug the tourists there and I thought that was a neat idea and so wallah there you have it . I have plenty of room in the curio so it is calling for some more miniatures , I love miniature elephants and miniature animals . I especially love the glass ones where the light shines through them so that will be that for today readers . take care all and have a fabulous holiday .