Saturday, April 27, 2013

What I have busy with

Well dear readers this is what I have been busy with the last week or so ... and let me tell you I used to be much better with taking photos but when I lost my camera my  very good camera with tele photo lens and whole nine yards when I went to help out with Katrina as in hurricane Katrina with a van full of our church attendees . A whole other story indeed and some of you im sure know the story and for those of you who dont I will be glad to save that for another post I m just hoping I have saved some of the pictures on my computer which im sure I have . Now on to what I had orginally intended to put in this blog :
here we go

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Not hard to imagine why this lady is one of my faves

Not hard at all to imagine why this lady ranks among one of my faves to watch in films first off she is what I would call devestatingly beautiful and definately classy and she loved animals as well . I often think that is why william holden was desperately in love with her . I also read Gregory Peck was in love with her as well because his marriage at the time was falling apart . It is often quoated that Holden climbed up a tree outside her room while drunk and fell off the tree onto a car and she looked out the window and screeched . I could not imagine a classy woman like this screeching ...LOL ... I also often think what might have been had she turned down mel ferrer and married Gregory Peck ?? back in those day that was simply not done . Both of their careers most likely would have been over and scandal would have followed them for the rest of their lives not like today at all . Movie stars today seem to go from one love affair to another with no consequences at least not on this earth .... She had a heart for animals and the tribes people of africa she was after all the unicef spokeswoman for many years as some of us old farts might remember . I certainly miss women of this caliber these days this lady amongst many were women of distinction and of good moral charecter , severly lacking in most women these days .... I will try and do a series on some of these women as well at least once a week . take care all and hope you enjoyed this little stroll .

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Back to the bone doctor again for the knee again

Whoa will it ever end ? the endless dr apts for the bones ? wow it does really bother me everytime i walk now and I cannot tell you the pain I endure with the stairs can someone say owie and then some ? well Im trying my best not to over do it until I see the dr on monday . If I am not in pain in one area of my body then it is another . I would not be surprise if when all is said and done I will have to have surgery on this knee . I did have one surgeon about five years back when i first injured it tell me well I would like to go in there and clean it out . Im suspecting a nasty torn ligament or some such thing is going on eeek ... yes it does hurt i have had torn ham strings etc and sure feels an awful lot like that if I had to compare the pain to something . I hope everyone is having a better day/week than Im having . yes I have pain pills but I really dont like taking them unless it is absoloutly neccesary .Yes it seems lately when I come on here all I do is talk medical talk or something about plants . Okay it is official I am a plant and meds freak LOL .....take care all and have a better day/ week than you are having .