Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Back to the bone doctor again for the knee again

Whoa will it ever end ? the endless dr apts for the bones ? wow it does really bother me everytime i walk now and I cannot tell you the pain I endure with the stairs can someone say owie and then some ? well Im trying my best not to over do it until I see the dr on monday . If I am not in pain in one area of my body then it is another . I would not be surprise if when all is said and done I will have to have surgery on this knee . I did have one surgeon about five years back when i first injured it tell me well I would like to go in there and clean it out . Im suspecting a nasty torn ligament or some such thing is going on eeek ... yes it does hurt i have had torn ham strings etc and sure feels an awful lot like that if I had to compare the pain to something . I hope everyone is having a better day/week than Im having . yes I have pain pills but I really dont like taking them unless it is absoloutly neccesary .Yes it seems lately when I come on here all I do is talk medical talk or something about plants . Okay it is official I am a plant and meds freak LOL .....take care all and have a better day/ week than you are having .

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