Saturday, May 25, 2013

I guess Im a turtle and frog addict

hi see these cuties I have had them for a while but am just now taking pics of them . The green one is my flash drive for my puter . The other one was a gift from a really good and dear friend . I have been meaning to put these up here for awhile . Btw the way the flashdrives are available at best buy and they have all kinds like polar bears , bears , alligators , raccoons , rabbits I thought they were cute and then I spied the turtle and it was instant love and feeding the addiction for my turtle and frog love . Oh well folks I hope everyone has an awesome evening . The husband is sick tonight so I wont be doing my regular rounds until tommorow .great sunday shopping I hate it . Oh well one must adapt mus'nt they ? well as I said have a great evening .

Friday, May 24, 2013

Lookie what I got in the mail today

This dear one showed up at my door this am and I am just tickled pink over it . Yes I know the word pink again . I told you all pink is my signature color ... I even have some african violets with pink leaves and yes one might say that I am obessed with pink what is a girl to do ? Now this awesome , awesome gift came from a friend whom I dare say I hold the highest regard for  and I do hope that she feels the same about me . Please note to this valued friend this dear one will be with me forever and will be held always close in the heart and as you can see she got the place of high regard as well . She sits and keeps watch over my precious african violets and I cannot think of a more honored job than that and also that she shares their shelf in the green house . I shall call her mama because that name  was referenced  in the card that came with her . There  you have it,  my newest member of the green house shelf is Mama . I hope she likes it here with us .

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Well Im on the hunt again

Well my dear readers I am on the hunt for a new food processor my last one died and I just let it go to its grave with many tears . I just cannot bear not having one another minute longer so today we will go and be on the search for a food processor . I love hamilton beach products and have a very good blender made by them . Yes I love their blenders the one I bought before this one I have now lasted forever and I m hoping this blender will do the same . Now food processors can be somewhat difficult to figure out at first and Im hoping I get the hang of it rather quickly , You see I like to make alot of homemade soups , salsa , etc and it really does make sense to have one since my husband likes to eat alot of grated cheese and etc . So I figure it might even help to save some money on our food bill by buying the cheese block and then having the food processor shred it up . My husband also likes his salsa and this way he can make different types of salsa .So now when I get it purchased I will put a pic up of it and show you all what I bought .Well my dear readers I think that will be all for much of the day take care and wish me well .

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another rummage run

I found this little beauty on one of my rummage runs as I call them . this is a box full of note cards and envies .These were brand new and had never been used or opened . There is some french writing on the front of the box . My french is rusty really rust at best and thinking it says The flowers . If someones french is better than mine then please by all means correct me . I will most definately not be upset . Now some of my dear readers whom I write too as well will receive one of these beauties in the mail . Well now it seems like I have made up my quota for these last couple of days by posting two blogs on the same day . Well my dear readers I am off to do my best at cleaning and be done with it . Thanks all and take care and have a blessed day . 

Well it finally got here

Well my dear readers it finally came in the mail yesterday . it is my new pink fountain pen . Yes pink is my signature color much like that of the charecter Shelby in one of my fave movies of all time "Steel Magnolias " . I guess you could say I am a steel magnolia . And yes pink is my signature color . I have a pink cell phone , pink tote bag , and also have pink shoes too . Yes I am quite a fool for the color pink . This pen is awesome it is economical in cost , only on 5 bucks on amazon and this pen has some weight to it but not too heavy either I just love love love this pen . It fills easy . It writes very well and does not leak through paper . Now im wondering if I could get some pink ink to put in it ....whoa pink ink . The very thought makes me giddy with delight . well enough my dear friends if you want to order one just look in amazon under fountain pens .

Saturday, May 11, 2013

well I came across the little lovely on one of my rummage venturing ... yes it is no longer called thrift store shopping it is now re named rummage venturing . You see for any of you who watch NCIS with Mark Harmon (hot hot hot ....:) ) , I , like Jethro Gibbs have a set of rules I live by and it is sometimes hard to explain that one to folks so I just tell them simply rule # and then I recite it for them . Really simple but still you have the ones who hmmm when you tell them . LOL ....Now I did not go into the store specifically looking for this little beauty but it was like it was sitting there waiting for me LOL two of my many fave things in this world frogs and sunflowers and I for one would never have thought to put the two together but as you can see it is quite a good combo in my opinion ... I dont know where the liking of frogs , turtles and certain flowers came from ...I just wonder how many people can relate to having a fave thing in the garden , world , etc and dont know where the fave came from ? I wonder how many just walk around not really thinking about it .Well I could go on and on about this but I wont . Anyways have a great day and smile .... I will leave you with this thought wrinkles are time tracks across your face LOL .....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The last 48 hrs has really sucked !!!

I have really been put through the ringer in the last 48 hrs . Well wed am I had woken up with a nagging cough and an asthma attack and I stuck it out most of wed until wed pm when I went to the er . the er did an xray to make sure I did not have pneumonia or any other upper respritory ailment all was fine and got scripts and I left and felt better . That was until I got to the pharmacy this pm . I was totally embarassed because  I could not afford my scripts and my medicaid was saying I was not covered . So the pharmacy clerk asked me " What are you supposed to do if you cant afford your medicine ? " I told her "Well they want you to die so you are not a problem anymore " .  She was in total disbelief that they were not programs out there . I find that most people who have never had to try and get on one of those programs know nothing of what they are talking about . I told her fine , since they wont approve my meds I will just keep going to the er when I have an asthma attack , like the head pharmacist said I should do . He aint happy that this country is so screwed up and good people like me are getting f-ed over by the system when they keep doling it out to foreign countrys . He said if he could he would give me the damn medicine no charge but as it is he is barely keeping his head above water and I understand that . I love that guy he really tells  how it is . I like this guy very much I hope he does not go outta business . Life just really sucks sometimes .

Saturday, May 4, 2013

the albino frog mail goodie

Okay fellow readers I have been given a different direction with this wonderful goodie I got in the mail yesterday . I now have given the thought that the froggie is an albino (Thank you Limner ) . so now I must find a name for him because everything I get that has to do with plants gets a name yes I have a set of rules I live by and one of the rules is that everything gets a name keep in mind that this frog is an albino and will stay that way no painting him green so there you have it . I am open to names send me your suggestions .....I think I will have some great fun with this . thanks fellow readers .

Friday, May 3, 2013

Lookie what I got in the mail today

Yes I got this nice fellow in the mail . Im going to repaint it because I think it would look better with being green the true color of frogs ....I just love frogs and turtles . But since everyone has been posting about what they have been receiving in the mail so it has come to be my turn ..well here goes now remember Im re painting this guy .