Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Well it finally got here

Well my dear readers it finally came in the mail yesterday . it is my new pink fountain pen . Yes pink is my signature color much like that of the charecter Shelby in one of my fave movies of all time "Steel Magnolias " . I guess you could say I am a steel magnolia . And yes pink is my signature color . I have a pink cell phone , pink tote bag , and also have pink shoes too . Yes I am quite a fool for the color pink . This pen is awesome it is economical in cost , only on 5 bucks on amazon and this pen has some weight to it but not too heavy either I just love love love this pen . It fills easy . It writes very well and does not leak through paper . Now im wondering if I could get some pink ink to put in it ....whoa pink ink . The very thought makes me giddy with delight . well enough my dear friends if you want to order one just look in amazon under fountain pens .

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