Saturday, May 11, 2013

well I came across the little lovely on one of my rummage venturing ... yes it is no longer called thrift store shopping it is now re named rummage venturing . You see for any of you who watch NCIS with Mark Harmon (hot hot hot ....:) ) , I , like Jethro Gibbs have a set of rules I live by and it is sometimes hard to explain that one to folks so I just tell them simply rule # and then I recite it for them . Really simple but still you have the ones who hmmm when you tell them . LOL ....Now I did not go into the store specifically looking for this little beauty but it was like it was sitting there waiting for me LOL two of my many fave things in this world frogs and sunflowers and I for one would never have thought to put the two together but as you can see it is quite a good combo in my opinion ... I dont know where the liking of frogs , turtles and certain flowers came from ...I just wonder how many people can relate to having a fave thing in the garden , world , etc and dont know where the fave came from ? I wonder how many just walk around not really thinking about it .Well I could go on and on about this but I wont . Anyways have a great day and smile .... I will leave you with this thought wrinkles are time tracks across your face LOL .....

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  1. Ah! Your African Violet!!! :) I haven't had the heart to buy another after my last one died several years ago. They're sweet and often temperamental. Happy violeting!