Saturday, May 18, 2013

Well Im on the hunt again

Well my dear readers I am on the hunt for a new food processor my last one died and I just let it go to its grave with many tears . I just cannot bear not having one another minute longer so today we will go and be on the search for a food processor . I love hamilton beach products and have a very good blender made by them . Yes I love their blenders the one I bought before this one I have now lasted forever and I m hoping this blender will do the same . Now food processors can be somewhat difficult to figure out at first and Im hoping I get the hang of it rather quickly , You see I like to make alot of homemade soups , salsa , etc and it really does make sense to have one since my husband likes to eat alot of grated cheese and etc . So I figure it might even help to save some money on our food bill by buying the cheese block and then having the food processor shred it up . My husband also likes his salsa and this way he can make different types of salsa .So now when I get it purchased I will put a pic up of it and show you all what I bought .Well my dear readers I think that will be all for much of the day take care and wish me well .

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