Thursday, March 28, 2013

I hope that spring comes soon .

I do hope that spring comes soon . I have so many seedlings to put in the soil and on the sill and in the green house . Im also going to african violet show next month and I woudl like very much for it to be warm by then and ready to rock and roll and get me some more avs . mother natures cold attack killed all but one of mine . yes thank God it was the prettiest one of all of them . I also ventured into making home made topsy turvys out of coffee cans so much cheaper than the 10.00 you shell out for the store bought ones . I guess I just try and see how something is made and i try my hand at it and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not . Hey nothing ventured , nothing gained . well the movie Lincoln came out this week so i will see if I can rent it because i cant afford to buy it so I would like to very much see it in the comfort of my own home .... to anyone who has not seen this movie I highly recommend that you do . Although I did not agree with some of the awards that were not given for this movie . One of my fave actresses sally field got cheated by not getting an award for this movie I think she did a fine job of portraying a presidential wife who obviously had some sort of mental defect . I wish that the movie had dealt with her after lincolns death a little more . From what I have read Mary todd lincoln did not fare well with the death of her husband and for lack of a better word went off the deep end and spent some time in an institution placed their by her oldest son . what wife or mother for that matter would have dealt well with the death of her sons 2, of the 3 passed away and from what I have read Mr. Lincoln did not fare well with Willies death at all and it changed him forever . But Mary Todd Lincoln was prone to fits of uncontrolled anger and depression and a great deal of mental stress and troubles and in those days they did not know how to deal with such people . But I think my heart goes out to someone with such troubles . So I will very much rent this movie and tell you what I think of it after i have seen all of it take all and adieu until next time my dear readers .

Friday, March 15, 2013

im back and well again

you see folks there is this horrible strain of flu running around according to cdc this is a strain that the shots do not cover and it is here and in full force . Hubs has it now and kind of feel bad for passing it to him , I would not wish this on anyone at all . Oh well kids have fun and Im happy to say that my tomatoes on my windowsill are having a good time and I just wish  Father Winter would take Mother Nature and have a spring fling LOL .... well take care all and Im so glad to be back and hope all is well with all of you and of course a most humble thanks to LImner for all the well wishes ...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

down with the flu dear readers

This is the second day I have been suffering with this nasty flu . Im glad i took the shots because I cant imagine this flu being worse than what I am expieriencing . This is awful and all I want to do is sleep . I hope this passes soon . thanks all and hope to be back soon .

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Has anyone else heard this ?

Hi all it seems as though the post office has now decided to charge extra postage for puffy stickers if they are on your envie it will cost you .20 cents more to have a letter mailed ... yes what is next a 1.00 per stamp ? the post continues to try and put theirselves out of business why oh why ? If i were in charge I think a private entity would do a better job of running the post office . But that is just my opinion for what it is worth .. i was just wondering if anyone else had heard this . Sure wish spring would rear its beautiful head i mean I have tomatoe plants and other flowers and luffa poppin out of my pots . and this year I have decided to try my hand at training tomatoe plants to vine and I hope this project is successful wish me luck you all . take care all and have a wonderful day or week or whathave you .

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

forgive me but is that not what hitler said about the jews ?

Flashes of the holocaust hit me today . A blogger comment used the term less diserable citizens to say that obama care would weed out our less desirable citizens , seems like Hitler said that as well when he was in power and trying to eliminate the less desirable citizens in our society . Is our society headed the way of nazi controlled Germany ? I sure hope not because that is what my grandfather and his brother were on the beaches of normandy that day and one area my great uncle never left . He was killed on the beaches of normandy . So you see I take it rather personally when folks talk about the less desirable being weeded out through obamacare , still think the head man in charge is not a communist or a socialist ?

I cannot believe that someone thinks obamacare would weed out our less desirable citizens

You all will not believe that someone left a comment on my blog about how obamacare might actually weed out our less valuable citizens ... I for one think every life is valuable and if you think that being disabled means less valuable i pity you and I feel sorry for you . I feel sorry and hope you never become disabled or poor and homeless and let us face it . Alot of people are not homeless due to their own fault in alot of cases it is circumstances beyond their control ... I cannot believe someone would think that obamacare is a means to weed out less valuable citizens and would nt you know it this azzhat did not leave their name or their blogger name figures you have the balls to say it have the ball to leave your name you azzhat ..

to whoever left the nasty uncalled for comment on my last post

Hey you whoever left the nasty comment on my blog post get a life and grow a set and leave your name . too bad you are too chicken sh*t to leave your name and Im so glad you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and may you never know what it is to be poor or disabled .

I am a people listener

Yesterday while sitting in the drs office and listening to a group of nurses talk about obama care . They said that the government has already been mailing out pamphlets to drs offices and then one of the nurses had talked to one of the drs and she was saying that the way the dr understands how it will work is the dr will have to make a decision on who gets treated or not . Am I to take that as if someone shows up in the er who is not that bad,  in the drs opinion will be sent home and possibly die and the dr nor the hospital will be held liable for the said death ? wow Im really scared of obama care now as if I was not before but now it is come to my mind to be a very dangerous thing that our government is playing with . The government has no buisness in our health care decisions at all nor much of anything else . I have also heard from several of my pen pals that they just simply wont be able to afford obama care and they depend on their tax return to cover alot of over due bills and yet if obama care comes to be a reality they will recieve nothing in the way of a tax return . I for one seem to think if that becomes the case then folks will just simply stop paying their taxes and the government will force them to go underground so to speak and get paid in cash ... what dear readers is your opinion ? do you favor obama care and if so why knowing that obama care might mean death to some ? and to others a life on the street with nothing ? Let me know what you think .