Monday, October 31, 2016

wonderful for your walk in faith

When I got this book I took it over to the nursing home I volunteer at and the elderly sugars just loved to use it during our prayer circle and our devotional each morning . I love using this and will continue to use it . Thanks to booklook bloggers for this copy in exchange for my honest review .Well I certainly recommend that all Christians get this book . It will help you so much in your daily walk with Christ and it will remind you that God is always with you .

Sunday, October 30, 2016

My name is Lucy Baton

I could not put this book down and read it in two days yeah two days . It gives us a peek into someone s life and relationship with their family and it was so good . I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it so refreshing to actually read about someone else's family . I hope you all will get a copy and read it . Another fave book to add to my list . Have a great day all .

Friday, October 28, 2016

The devil in Jerusalem by naomi ragen

This book should have been titled child abuse in the holy city . It was truly disturbing to read some of this and I will skip going into detail about that . I purchased this book from amazon because I thought I would like it . It was highly disturbing and put some of me in distress . I had to put it down several times to clear my head . I'm sorry to this writer Ms Ragen but it is the truth and to think it is a true story , my heart went out to these children . The story ends with telling what happened to these children , parents and most of who were involved . So be prepared dear readers if you get this book have tissues and remember to sit it down when you cant read anymore . I will give this book 3 stars not really a favorite but interesting .

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Niv faith and work bible

thank you to booklook blogger for sending me a copy of this . Oh my goodness I have learned so much from this bible and we have a prayer circle in my lil nursing home experience and these ladies and two gentleman over 70 mind you have never heard of some of this and I certainly did 'nt either and we all had quite a good discussion about certain parts of this bible . I did enjoy and if you want to keep learning this is certainly the bible for you . I urge all Christians to get this bible .

Monday, October 24, 2016

The art forger by Barb Shapiro

This book made me angry because first off Claire the main character knew she was painting a fake for someone and they were going to try and pass it off as an original and to me that equals a crime and I don't think people should think of crime as a poof poof sort of thing . This book made me angry more than anything else and this person did understand an artist at all . I am a little bit of an artist somewhat and I would not like someone copying my work and trying to pass it off as their own . There you have it folks this book is a 3 stars and I'm being generous really .

Friday, October 21, 2016

Another great book

Wow another great book . I really did like this one . I think God must have been using this wedding shop to make Cora re discover her faith . I think ladies of faith would like this book . I really cant put into words about how much I liked this book . I usually use a star system and this one was somewhere between 4 and a half to five stars . I will not go too much into depth because that will definitely give some of the book away and I don't want to do that . Just read this book you wont be disappointed .

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Child of the river by Irma Joubert

this book was advertised as ww 2 era historical fiction with scripture in it as well . This book I would describe as some left over apartheid from south Africa . This girl was poor and her father was a drunk and she wanted to make something of herself and she certainly did and did well for herself and others she helped . I will not say more than this because it will give away too much of the book . I certainly did enjoy this book very much and learned a lot about history of the war in different parts of the world .It is very much worth the read and I highly recommend it .I want to thank booklook for sending me this copy in exchange for my honest review .

Monday, October 17, 2016

This book was clearly written by someone who had no love loss for Amanda Knox

This book was clearly written by someone who had no love loss for Amanda knox . I think that this author might have had her own questions as to the guilt or innocence of Amanda knox . I still do believe that Amanda should have come home when asked by her mother . This book opened up some answers to questions I had about this whole ordeal and those made for tv movies did not do it for me . I think after reading this one , Ms. Knox should write her own memoir about her time in Italy it could clear up a lot . I did enjoy this book very much and it was a decent read . Thank you to blogging for books for sending me a copy for my honest review.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

this book could have been so great

This book could have been so great . The long winded narrative killed this book for me and made it painful to continue to read . I could not even find one character to like and that my dear friends is sad ,truly sad . I was so looking forward to this book being good but no it was not so spare yourself the agony and skip this one . I hope Ms Walker does a better job on her next book because frankly this one was a dud and the publisher and editor should have let her know that before putting it on the shelf . I give it 3 stars out of five and that is being generous .

using human trafficking for entertainment is not my idea of a good book

This book was a shocker to me from chris bohjalian . I was shocked and saddened by this book . This is from one of my favorite authors as well . This book took human trafficking to a form of entertainment and not my idea of a good well written story . It was so graphic there should be a sticker warning on it . I felt betrayed by one of my fave authors and cant say why he would think this subject would be good to write about and also how can you find pleasure or excitement in someones life falling apart and yet they keep compounding the problem . This book left me troubled and uncomfortable and that is all I can say about it without giving the plot and most of the story away .I'm very disappointed in one of my favorite authors and hope his next book is far better than this one left me feeling . I give it two stars out of five .

Friday, October 14, 2016

im now on fire today ....

Have any of you just have one of those days where just everything stinks and then beyond stinks ? yeah that is the type of day I have had . I cannot fathom how some things start out great and end really badly . I wont allow this to ruin my day though cause I have had some feedback from other people who say my blog is perfect and it suits me and that is right .It suits me and I don't publish this blog for anyone else except me and my followers and my book reviews . If any of you know any publishers or writers looking to get their books out there and reviewed please point them here I will be happy and shamelessly glad to promote their book . Yep you read it here first LOL ...Have a great day all and kudos .

Thursday, October 13, 2016

the ultimate book on Chicago' s newspaper business

This book gives you the insight on how hard it was for women to break into the newspaper business . How women could write society columns for the newspaper but not serious articles with their names and by lines . These women paved the way for other women to enter the newspaper business . I had no idea how hard it was for women in the 1950's to be something other than a housewife wearing a dress while doing said housework . I cannot imagine mopping a floor in a dress , yet thousands of women did so in the 1950's . Thank God for women who took us out of the home and into the work world . This book is awesome and thank you Ms Renee Rosen for writing this awesome book . I purchased this book off of amazon and it was an excellent read . Thank you to all of those women who did knock those doors down .

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

what an uplifting and spirit filled book

This book just took me back to the country side of Pennsylvania . Many times I have driven through there and have seen the amish buggys riding on the roads and their ever faithful horses making sure those buggys go . This book has some very spirit filled and complex charecters indeed . God is trying to show charlotte a path that will lead her in the right direction . Maybe that is what is wrong with most people in this book that they are afraid to let God lead them . But dear sweet Hannah seems to bring Charlotte back to her amish side . Poor Jacob ends up on Charlottes front porch after leaving his family . I don't want to give away most of the book so I do believe I will leave it there . I found this book to be a 4 stars out of 5 . After you read the book you might see why I gave it 4 out of 5 . I want to say thank you to booklooks .com for sending me this book in exchange for my honest review .

Friday, October 7, 2016

Let us all pray for the folks that are facing and going through this hurricane

I just wanted to put our best wishes forward for folks going through this hurricane on the coast . It has killed several people in Haiti and many in its path for sure . I pray that it is over soon and our eastern coastline is back to normal before we know it . I urge everyone to say a special prayer tonight before you rest and Thank God for our safety and our loved ones safety .

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What a Mess !!!

Normally I don't air political anything on my blog . But after last night's debacle of a vice presidential debate . I feel I must say that I have never seen more of a rude gas bag than Mr Kaine . He consistently interrupted Mr, Pence and was obviously not taught manners as a child . Both of these men talked over each other most of the time . The moderator lost control of the situation from the start . I will no longer watch any of these messes of debates . Frankly Hilliary and Kaine deserve each other rude and disgusting people . No wonder half this country is confused and don't know who they are voting for when the time comes .And another thing you celebs who say you are moving if a certain person becomes president , why wait ? That plane and car etc goes both ways why not leave now . Okay I m done with my rant aka political views .

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Saffire by Sigmund Brouwer

I was swept back to 1900s Panama and the construction of the panama canal . The charecters were fascinating and I knew little about this adventure of building the panama canal and this book brought it to life . I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I think whoever reads who enjoys bits and pieces of history will also like it . I want to thank blogging for books for sending this wonderful book in exchange for my honest review .

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Praise God I can finally hear again !!!

For those of you who know I had a serious sinus infection and then some . Well this morning something disgusting fell out of my ear and now I have hearing back in it , praise God . I have been like this for almost a month and now and now I can hear again . No more what ? what did you say ...yes , yes , yes . I'm getting a new cabinet for my bathroom thank God because I had no idea what I was going to do with those last few pieces of bathroom accessories I needed . So that is that for the first weekend in October .