Wednesday, October 28, 2015

my mail art

Well after some deep breathing and deep soul searching I can finally take it easy . I'm posting pictures of my mail art . My pen pals are often the recpiants of these lil pieces of art . I'm no where near as good as some of my counter parts . But I am trying my best and sometimes I run out of ideas of what to draw on the backs of my envelopes . So here they are and best wishes all for a happy Halloween .

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The floods of south carolina

First all we are fine and we are dry . the opposite side from where we live is the side that flooded . My new house did not flood and that is great . We are closing on October 30th bidding there is not major damage somewhere . So all of you please pray for my closing and all goes well . TY Limner for the gift . thanks

Monday, September 21, 2015

Look what I got in the mail ...

Look at that envelope will you ? is that not awesome mail goodness , Of course it is and it is whoa baby hold on to your shorts good . I love this coloring book as well . For now I will use it to practice drawing my birds and animals so much better than I have been . In the meanwhile I want the person who sent this to me to know a nice lil thank you is coming your way . God bless you my friend . I'm so glad you think so highly of me to give me a gift like this I am blown away and I will leave it at that .

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oy Vey ! I have such a bone to pick with the new muppets show

well now it has come to my understanding that the new muppets show will pair Kermit the frog up with another female besides miss piggy . I'm sorry but what are we teaching our children ? every child I know loves Kermit the frog , and all the charecters from sesame street .I think it is a very bad idea to pair Kermit up with someone besides miss piggy . It makes him out to be a cheater . Do we really want to teach our children especially our sons that it is okay to be a cheater ? I for one don't want the muppets  teaching   my grandson or future grandsons that it is okay to be a cheater . Also don't want my granddaughters  thinking that it is okay for a husband to be a player or a cheater . I will let my views be known to the powers that be at abc who is accepting this show into their fall lineup . I for one am outraged and pointing my angry finger at the powers that be .

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How much more can one take ?

Yes , I mean really , how much more can one take . All this house business is about to drive me nutso . I truly mean that . I have had about enough of the back and forth , back and forth and then I want to scream my lungs out . Yes it is aggravating . I thought baking a pie might help . It did for about two minutes and then it was back to the driving me nuts again . UGH !!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Today was one of those days when I knew I should not have watched the news .

you know there are just some days when you should not look at the news or read it either . Today was one of those days for me .First off let me address the issue of the execution and murder of those two wonderful people who were simply doing their job . This disgruntled employee decided to take these dear people 's lives over who knows what . He simply pulled out a gun and murdered them in cold blood . He was then transported to the hospital because he shot himself in the head with the same gun , He later died . I'm sorry but I feel nothing for these sick twisted people who go out and destroy someones life and believe me when I say  he has effected a lot of people today . Mothers , Fathers , lovers and friends and how dare he screw someone s life up like that . I am angry as hell at sickos walking our streets and killing decent people who are just going about their daily life . I'm angry as hell that some how this moron thought it was anywhere near okay to murder  two what appear to be very kind and loving people . I hope he rots in Hell, but in the back of my mind I know that the Good Lord in Heaven will make sure he gets his so well deserved punishment . Nothing man could do would be as bad as what awaits him when he meets Jesus Christ . Yes I do believe in Jesus and God and the holy spirit and I am a Christian and yes Christians can get mad and we are allowed to be angry as hell . Now my second sad part of this day . It has been so long since this particular zoo had twin panda babys , but one of their lives was not meant to be and I hope he or she rests in peace .I am between anger and tears today and it takes a lot to move me like that ...Okay I have had my say and if any of you feel like commenting please do . My heart is torn in two piece today and I have not had that happen in quite a long time . Just a sad and hurtful day .

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I have had the worst time with blogger and windows 10

I have had the worst time with blogger and windows 10 being compatible . I don't think that blogger
likes windows 10 very much and may I say I'm not really all that impressed with it either . User friendly that is almost laughable . Their personal assistant Cortana does not work for me so could be me or could be a glitch , who knows . If not for my better half I would have not installed it . I think it is just another catch to get our hard earned dollars . take care all and spend your money elsewhere .

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Eleanor Roosevelt to be put on the 10 $ bill oh so about time

I am woman hear me roar , Yes it is about time some of this countrys most powerful women are put on our money . I say here , here right on . It is most welcome to me and I'm sure many of you other ladies out there welcome this as well . Now for a female president , however not Queen Hillary she is notorious for not telling the truth and frankly I have had enough of liars in the white house . I also will not vote for a first time senator either . Let us all learn from our mistakes . May we learn all our lessons from mistakes . I am praying for a friends mother to be on the mend . Why does this country always seem to treat women like second class citizens when it is we women who give birth to our leaders ? Remember some of those doors that are now open to us is because a woman before us kicked that door open . So when you ladies including myself go out to vote make sure you know the issues and where you candidate stands on womens health , womens pay scale ( yes ladies we still make less than a man while doing the same job ) in the year 2015 I think that is appauling as well . Okay I will step down off the soapbox and pray that I did not offend anyone while trying to state my position .

Thursday, July 30, 2015

guess where I was last night ? Yes you guessed it I was at a James Taylor concert

A friend of ours gave us tickets and it was an amazing concert .
and we met this amazing lil lady .
yes a good time and good night was had by all and Mr . Taylor did not disappoint . He was a true  showman and this will be something I will never forget .

Monday, July 27, 2015

today was a banner mail day 6 letters yes 6 letters and that is a banner day ...

Today was a banner mail day and these are the ones
that are going out as answers tomorrow . Oh Limner your mail is something to be hold they are just mail goodness and pure artistry . Thank you always a treat to receive a letter from you .

Thursday, July 16, 2015

this is a picture of the cast iron stove playset that my grandmother and great grandmother had

This is the stove playset that my grandmother and great grandmother played with as a child and I still have the one pot . I cannot believe someone has it for sale on ebay for 65.00 . I will have to think about that purchase although I don't ever think I will have the money for it . Just too many other bills that come every month to be paid . but I would dearly love to have it . So glad to know that it is still in exsistance .

well now without further delay ....

One of my readers asked me what was in my curio cabinet that was shown on yesterdays blog . Well now there is one piece imparticular that has special meaning to me .and it is
this cast iron pot Is a miniature
it belonged to a small cast iron stove playset that belonged to my grandmother when she was a little girl and it also had belonged to her mother as a little girl over the years the stove and the rest of the play set has disappeared but I have hung on to this piece with dear life because of the rest of the playset is gone and it is a lasting piece of my grandmothers and great grandmothers childhood .
These miniature pieces were collected from
Rose tea brand tea and I love all the miniatures they put out .
now the noahs ark I found in a thrift store . The sailboat and the divers helmet are from rose tea .
now the wheel and the treasure chest are also from rose tea and the little mail truck my husband found somewhere and he gave it to me since I am the letter writer in the house .
So there you have it my dear readers that is what is in my curio cabinet and I still have room for more .

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

wow talk about an organized mess

I want to say thanks to Limner for the idea of this post . Well Here is my work area where the wheels start turning in my brain so that I can manage a good letter , two or three and maybe more . Yes my friends I penned the infamous Lester Holt from this mess area and maybe it is just clutter and not mess . I like the word clutter instead of mess . Okay here goes
this here is one corner of my desk .
here is where you see all my fountain pens ,inks and wax stubs still usuable , and my wax stampers and ink pads etc .
and here is what sits over my desk
on the wall . yes a curio cabinet with several miniatures in it . yes that is a macramé owl made
by a friend of mine many moons ago and there are several little pieces in there . Yes Im surrounded by oddles and caboodles . Is caboodles even a word ? well it is in my world LOL . yeah I know please save the grammar police and not ticket me . Oh well take care readers and hope to find something new to blog about soon . All this clutter is why I need a house and that is in the works I am glad to announce . Well take care all and stay cool if you are in a warm area and if you are in a cool area stay warm LOL .

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

my other hobby

Well when Im not drawing charecters for my mail art ,  I am growing African violets . I was rewarded this morning with the sight of my first bloom on my Optimara My Dream African violet . I am also posting other pics of my av leaves that I am growing and now they have babies which means I will have a slew of plants in 5- 6 months and im pleased as punch that they have done so well . enjoy dear readers .

Sunday, July 5, 2015

It truly was a beautiful day at the river front park and there were a lot of people out today but it sure was hot as hades and then some . But all in all mother natures beauty is a great thing .
"The first hundred years are the toughest " Belle Brown . Have a great day and evening .

Friday, June 26, 2015

Borrowing Shakespeare today

Give e my Romeo : and when he shall die ,
Take him and cut him out in little stars ,
And he will make the face of
heaven so fine
That all the world will be in
love with the night
And pay no worship to the
garish sun .

Monday, June 22, 2015

Great stands for Get ready for everything and try ....

the opposite of no is on !!

You stands for your opportunity is unlimited ....

Not knowing when the dawn will come , I open every door . Emily Dickinson

The wise don't expect to find life worth living ,they make it that way . Cookie Cunningham

a diamond is a chunk of coal that did good under pressure . Mountain saying

focus on making things better not bigger . H. Jackson Brown Jr.

It is easy to flatter ; it is harder to praise .Jean Paul Richter

that is all readers and nothing much going on here other than it is hotter than the blue blazes outside . take care , stay hydrated and stay well .

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Some quotes for the day for you

Don't say "Someday I'll begin
when my lucky ship comes in ,
You must launch your ship to
Right now is the answer then
Ferdinand Vollander

Good , Better , Best
Never rest ,
Till good be better and better best .
Mother Goose

One's destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things
Henry Miller

Courage is grace under pressure
Ernest Hemingway

He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure
James Lane Allen

It may be who do most , dream most
Stephen Leacock

Man is what he believes
Anton Chekhov

I hope these leave you with some thought to mull over for the day .

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The book the miniaturist what a dud

Okay this book turned out to be such a dud so don't waist your time my dear readers with this book the miniaturist . I absouloutly hated some of the charecters and this book could have been so much better than it was and I certainly will never read another one of this authors books . Im sorry if this seems bold to other but  I could have taken this book and made it so much better and it made me so angry that I invested that much time into a book that I lost interest in and was so poorly written . im angry with this book and that is about all I have to say . thanks readers .

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Im working on these two books and they are proving to be worthy reads

All of my dear readers Im posting pictures of books that are proving to be worthy reads and I highly recommend them . Since other folks have given me recommendations I am paying it forward and this is summer you can read them on vacay or at the pool or beach yeah ...and in case you cannot read the wording it is "The Miniaturist by Jessie burton and "The Truth According to Us" by annie barrows . I hope you enjoy dear readers.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What would you do if today was your last day on earth ?

I so know what I would do , so my question is what would you do ? I have recently thought about this when speaking to other people and friends . One in fact gave me thought for this blog today and wow can we really get into depth when speaking about this . I also saw a lady who was on tv yesterday morning this poor woman is in stage 4 breast cancer and she is losing her battle and she has decided that she must do everything in her power to achieve her dreams and goals before she passes . I myself wonder if I could be that brave when dealing with a life altering diagnosis ? how many of us could ? I will leave you with that and please feel free to leave your comment I always welcome those . Thanks all and stay safe .

Sunday, May 24, 2015

show me a cartoon charecter that reminds you of you

this is who I often think people would see me as . Well this character reminds me of hettie on the ncis los angeles . However you would have to chop me in half because im very tall and however I do somewhat speak like hettie . Yes some people talk too much as well but this is not what this is about today . This blog wants to know what cartoon character remind you of you ?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shoes , shoes what do shoes do for us ?

what do shoes do for us ? well really if you think about it they help us to travel new paths , or do they get us from point A to point B ? what do shoes mean to you . Some women match their outfits to their shoes and purses . Some people have to have special shoes for their job . Well I was inspired to do this envie and blog by Limner over at Oh write me . This envie is no where near as good as hers so I apologize to her in advance . I humbly bow to the Queen of Mail Art in my opinion is she the good Limner . Hail O Queen of Mail Art :

Sunday, May 17, 2015

reading is good for the soul indeed

I am currently reading "The Boston Girl " by Anita Diamant . this is a very good book and I could not recommend it more . There are very few books that I consider any good in this world . I think this is one of them . I certainly enjoyed this one . If the authors name looks familiar that is because she wrote "The Red Tent"and any of you who read this you will know that she writes very well. But again this is all my opinion so if you do happen to find yourself reading this book or do read it please let me know how you liked it .I liked it so much that I have read it in two days !!! Yes two days I heard some people say they read it in one sitting, yes you read that right one sitting . Oh well my dear readers enjoy your day and take care all .

Monday, May 4, 2015

oh the things I find to make envelopes !!!

yes these papers came from an aviation calendar and to think that most of these people in these photos are probably long gone into the great beyond but just thought they would make wonderful envelopes and why not give something different to look at while mailing a letter ? again the things I find to make envelopes out of , Oh my lions and tigers and bears . And yes speaking of Lions and tigers and bears . I just finished a great book written by Thomas French it is 'zoo story life in the garden of captives . It is about some of the animals that lived at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa Florida and being one who has visited this zoo I highly recommend a visit and to read this book . I remember once taking my kids to the Lowry Park zoo and they had a chimp there named chester who is featured in this book , yes I remember him because he would throw dirt and poo at people . Well my son got missed and another young man standing beside him got hit with the nasty mess and he was like eww ..and his friends were not so kind to him calling him stinky while leaving the chimp area . Oh well just thought I would plug the book while I was at it .Well that is it for today dear readers .

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mail Art , oh lovely mail art

yes dear
readers this is my mail art and I don't claim to be an artist but I just think that fun
mail is better than just a plain old envelope ...don't you agree ? don't you think that it is fun
to get fun decorated mail than just plain mail ...I just love to share my mail art with my pen
pals and friends .

Thursday, April 30, 2015

I often wonder what my dogs think at times

I just saw this commercial on tv and the dog is talking back to the lady "yes Im hungry , of course im hungry .. too cute and I often wonder if this is how dogs think of what we say to them . I wonder if all animals are like that especially when you attend the zoo. I wonder if the animals there think " wow look at these stupid people eweing and awing over us . LOL ... I guess this is just one of those things you might often think about . At least I do anyway . Do any of you that have pets or any of you out there ? oh well enough for now dear readers .

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy Earth Day !!!!

Yes Happy Earth day to everyone . Go out and plant something and make the earth a better place than you left it today . Even if it is just taking flowers to someone . Mother Earth gave us those flowers enjoy them .

Monday, April 20, 2015

finally a company that does the right thing for once

I had , had a problem with some potting soil I had purchased at lowes and now I found out that it was mushy and nasty and had an odor so I just got rid of it . However when I called Lowes they were great and said that they would send me a gc and to me that made it right . Now normally I don't use miracle grow potting soil I use the organic stuff and to the organic stuff I add perlite and vermiculite and then wallah you have an awesome soil . Anyways it is good to know that there are still some companys that do the right thing and make it right . so all in all I have had a good day and looking for an even better one tomorrow . Im going to look at seeing about going on a ghost tour . Yes folks they have ghost tours here in the city I live in . I know they have them in savannah ga and I just loved those when I went on one of them . well got a letter back today from someone saying they were unable to forward it and for the life of me I cannot understand why unless this person is moved on and if so okay they will let me know I hope they will least ways if not then  I wont bother either from my side . Okay kiddies that is it for now and all of you take care .

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Go Set a Watchman: A Novel

Im dying to read this book . why you ask ? because it is the sequel to my much beloved "To Kill a mockingbird ' Thank God she wrote a sequel to this dearly loved fave book of mine and many others I am sure of that . I will come back here after I read it and let you all know how I think it fared and if I liked it .

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

okay can i scream now ?

I often wonder why in the blue blazes people go around thinking that people owe them anything ? Often I happen to run into people that have what I like to call entitlement attitude . I never allowed my kids to get away with thinking that I owed them a birthday , a Christmas a holiday of any sort but they were given such and they knew it was a priviledge , not a birth right as so many of todays young people think that money , cars and other things grow on trees and they don't have to pay for anything and our government owes them a living . I blame our government for giving hand outs not hand ups . Everyone deserves a chance and a hand up every now and then , but not to make it a way of life .I know this might be a foreign concept to some people but whatever happened to working for what you want and for a living . No one owes you anything . The reason behind this blog today was because I saw such in action yesterday while waiting in line at the movie theatre . A young woman pitched a total fit because she had to pay for the young children with her she had 5 with her and she thought because they were under 6 she did not have to pay for them , where in the world she got that idea is beyond me . She also told the young woman with her that she was on welfare and she deserved to see a movie and she weren't (her language not mine ) going to pay for these nasty arse (she stated the foul word )brats either she told the other lady just watch me . She screamed and ranted and raved until she was asked to leave . She used all kinds of foul nasty language and then she and the kids were escorted off the property by the police . Her friend decided not to stay either and went and got in her car .

Then when I came home I found out that I did an exchange with another lady and she is not happy with what I sent her and she wants me to send her another pkg . Nope sorry not going to happen and now she is threatening to get me banned from the site where we do book exchanges nope sorry I don't care ...I do have my suspcions that she is also a give me give me person the more she can get for free the better . Oh well I will deal with her and take care of the matter lickety split . Im from the house of Judge Judy ....Don't pee on my leg and tell me it is raining .

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

extending the olive branch

well this week I bit the bullet and extended the olive branch and sent a card to extended family member whom I have not seen since I was a child and I m wanting to reconnect with them and Im hoping they will be okay with that if not and I don't hear from them that is okay as well because at least I know I tried and extended the olive branch. we shall see what happens . why oh why do I always have to be the one to do this though ? Im just glad they stayed in the same city as they have always lived . I pray I hear from them .well I will come back and post and let everyone know if I hear from them . The weather is awful and drery here lately and I guess I really do suffer from seasonal effect disorder yes there really is such a thing and I suffer from it . well take care all and hopefully I will have good news when I come back to post ....toodles , cheers , see ya etc ..