Monday, May 4, 2015

oh the things I find to make envelopes !!!

yes these papers came from an aviation calendar and to think that most of these people in these photos are probably long gone into the great beyond but just thought they would make wonderful envelopes and why not give something different to look at while mailing a letter ? again the things I find to make envelopes out of , Oh my lions and tigers and bears . And yes speaking of Lions and tigers and bears . I just finished a great book written by Thomas French it is 'zoo story life in the garden of captives . It is about some of the animals that lived at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa Florida and being one who has visited this zoo I highly recommend a visit and to read this book . I remember once taking my kids to the Lowry Park zoo and they had a chimp there named chester who is featured in this book , yes I remember him because he would throw dirt and poo at people . Well my son got missed and another young man standing beside him got hit with the nasty mess and he was like eww ..and his friends were not so kind to him calling him stinky while leaving the chimp area . Oh well just thought I would plug the book while I was at it .Well that is it for today dear readers .

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