Thursday, October 27, 2011

posting from a friend

Postcard request
Got this from a friend today:
His school is collecting postcards from around the country and around the world for their diversity/international day in the early spring.
It doesn’t matter if they get multiples from each state, they're just trying to rock the class's world with the amount that Hunter can bring in!
So, if you wouldn’t mind sending a postcard to him, that would be great, I know we have people EVERYWHERE!
Before taking them in to the school Kelly plans to put them all out together and take a picture, she says she’ll be sure to share the picture when they’re done. There is no set deadline, but she's thinking if you can do it between now and the end of November that would be best.
Hunter Johnson8443 Sand Point Drive WestJacksonville, FL 32244
Feel free to share his address with any friends and family you may have in

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I just got home from a stay at the hospital

Well I returned home today at around 5 pm from a three day stay at the hospital . Yes you read that right a three day stay . Now Im home and on in home oxygen therapy and I must make a follow up visit at a local clinic to stay on the oxygen . Im also on another round of anti biotics .I also have to go visit another dr but I must say I will have to call the drs office and let them know that I cannot afford them I doubt they will like that but that is the state of affairs in this country when you must pay outta pocket because you cannot afford health insurance even through your work has it offered but you cannot afford it .Im so tired of being sick and the price you have to pay for the illness . Oh well guess I will step down off my soap box now and tell all to have a great day .

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is a weird virus I have and some strange happenings to report

Yesterday I reported that I was ill again and now yet today I feel really well again . I dont understand this thing I have and i will call it a thing for now because Im not a dr . I just play one on tv LOL !!!I also wanted to report on a wildlife reserve here in Zanesville Ohio that I was going to visit a few weeks ago . This wildlife reserves owner was found dead this morning with some wild animals circling him . I have heard in the wild that some animals do this and Im thinking maybe they were trying to protect him . Well the news was stating that some of the animals have gotten loose and they are telling citizens of zanesville ohio to stay in their homes and also to stay out of the woods or if you have woods on your property to stay out of them . On a sad note to this , some of the animals have been shot and killed because of the obvious danger to the citizens that surround this area . On a better note they have actually called in the columbus zoo and they are now taking over capturing the animals . Let us hope that they can help and no more animals will be euthanized .

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Im sorry to report that I am not well again as I thought

Oh my gosh will this illness ever end ? I thought I was better and or on the road to recovery but alas I am not . This morning I woke up with a fever and a headache and uber nauseous . I barely have the energy to make it to the mail box . I thought with all these rounds of meds I would surely be on the road to recovery by now but no , not me Im one of those people who have to almost die before we get better . Im just so tired of drs and medicines and coughing that I could just roll over and take a shot in the arse . Im hoping I dont have to go to the hospital , but fearing if it gets bad enough I will go no matter what .If I am behind a letter or two please forgive me and I will catch up providing the grim reaper does not call my name . I hope the rest of my readers are on the road to recovery or already recovered . And if you are the praying sort then I could use a little help in that dept too . Okay well enough for now I m off to the bed again . take care all and have a wonderful rest of your day .

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A lovely gift from a lovely lady

This wonderful little gift arrived in the mail yesterday . It came from the wonderful woman known as The Limner her blog is called Oh Write Me and some of my awesome readers know her as well as she is connected with some of them . This lady is so awesome . I am following her blog and if you all will take a look at my blog followings you will find her . Believe me when I say she is worth the look . I had been looking for one of these little bamboos up here in my neck of the woods for quite a while and wallah would 'nt you know my dear Limner came through , How do people know that I love my plants from my letters i must have mentioned it somewhere I suspect . Oh well enough of playing Sherlock Holmes and whatever else i might have in mind at the time . I just wanted to share the loveliness of this dear lady and this wonderful plant . It arrived at an especially down time since I am down with pneumonia . Well enough my dear readers and I shall let you go for now . Take care and stay well .