Saturday, October 22, 2011

I just got home from a stay at the hospital

Well I returned home today at around 5 pm from a three day stay at the hospital . Yes you read that right a three day stay . Now Im home and on in home oxygen therapy and I must make a follow up visit at a local clinic to stay on the oxygen . Im also on another round of anti biotics .I also have to go visit another dr but I must say I will have to call the drs office and let them know that I cannot afford them I doubt they will like that but that is the state of affairs in this country when you must pay outta pocket because you cannot afford health insurance even through your work has it offered but you cannot afford it .Im so tired of being sick and the price you have to pay for the illness . Oh well guess I will step down off my soap box now and tell all to have a great day .


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this :(

    I will pray that you start feeling better soon...and that you won't need that O2 for long.

    The insurance stuff is crazy. Sad. Frightening.

    I'll pray for your health....and provisions for the care you need.

  2. My friend, there are organizations that will help you. There are free clinics that will treat you and give you medication. You won't have to pay. How is it undocumented people can get top notch health care, yet you can't?

    I know about the free clinics because my doctors worked at them. If you have no insurance, pay cash, doctors offer discounts. You must get a social worker to help you. Are you near your county hospital? They must treat you. One of their specialists has to treat you.

    The president is fighting for people like you, with no health care insurance. I guess Republicans don't get sick? Or they able to heal themselves by pulling up their boot straps? Are Independents so independent they don't get sick either?

    Friend, pull out your phone book and get busy. Find a social worker first. Go to Health & Human services. If you don't feel up to it, get someone to help you. Social workers will come to your home.

    Please, do not give up. I don't know your area well, so I can't tell you where to go specifically, but I do know that help is there.

    Now. While you are waiting, write to the president. Tell him your situation. We need to shame America into being what it was built to do.

    Be well, and have faith. Faith is simply believing. Believing is the same as the power of positive thinking. So, if you aren't a spiritual being, you can be a positive thinker. If you don't believe in prayer, then the prayers will pray on your behalf. It still takes a village, and your friends are your tribe members who make up your letter-writing village :)