Thursday, February 4, 2016

Not nice Mr. Lester Holt of NBC fame , not nice at all

Now several months ago I wrote to Lester Holt , the anchor of the NBC nightly news broadcast in response to a story he did about letter writing being a lost art . Well I never received a response from him at all and I thought him very rude and can imagine what he would do if a child wrote to him ? Would it have made a difference ? , who knows . But I am here to say that letter writing is not a lost art and the letter did include some references for Mr . Holt to see . I even put my distinctive touch of mail art on it , for all of us mail artists to be thought of . I am so angry to say the least that some people just don't have the time to write back after the person who wrote the letter took the time to do so . Now I know some of you will say that those people are so busy ,well aren't we all these days ? I still find time to write . I guess it is just a matter of how your prioritize matters in your life . So I will leave it at that and should Lester Holt be advised that this blog does mention him , I would be more than happy to debate him at any time regarding the so called lost art of letter writing indeed . Well that is all for today folks , enjoy your day .