Monday, July 22, 2013

Is it just me or what ?

Okay I was watching a weather channel broadcast and the reported seemed to have trouble with pronouncing certain cities and I do mean correctly and then she had trouble with pronouncing countrys correctly . I m wondering if the lack of education in this country contributes to such things ? I mean as many of you know I had a catholic education and a darn good one in fact and Im proud of it too . But I do know that catholic education does make a point in teaching values and excellent pronunciation . Now im wondering where many of these weather forcasters go to school ? college perhaps ? Well if some of them are any indication of the college system then their parents have waisted their money . Do any of you ever wonder if they have to take a test to become a weather forcaster ? I know this has crossed my mind several times . I caught myself yelling at the tv last night and I repeated the city correctly and yelled at the tv "Oh you twit " LOL .....

Friday, July 12, 2013

More thrift finds

Here are some more thrift finds now I know I need a better camera and so I will tell you what these are . Some of you readers might know that I collect minatures of things so the first one is a minature noahs ark I picked up for 50 cents . The second minature is a pink flamingo . I just adore minatures of anything because I used to love fairies when I was little and someone told me that fairies live in a miniature world so there you have it folks two more finds ....

Monday, July 8, 2013

What was inside those boxes ?

Okay here it is yeah it is all stationery ....and for a paper nut like me this is an awesome find . I just adore the little pooh notecards with the see through envie in the first pic and then there is the 2nd pic and it had at least a hundred note sheets with the peking ducks at the bottom ...I thought it was just awesome and so many people get stuff like this as gifts and they just toss it to the good will well there dumpster stuff is my treasure find ....I love it . Take care all my readers .
Now these are the other two goodies I got in the thrift store . and as for what is in them that will be saved for the next post . Oh im such a tease are'nt I ? For those of you who know me some of my fave things are the Pooh bear and the piglet from the hundred acre wood . I also happen to adore the charlie brown gang of which I proudly say I am a member ..LOL . Don't laugh it is true .So there you have it I hope you enjoyed this post and will write again and let you all know what was in these boxes when I bought them .

Friday, July 5, 2013

an awesome thrift store find again !!!

well inside this envelope it holds several postcards all new never written on from the palace museum in the forbidden city  in bejing city , yes folks china . apparently someone took a trip to China and either forgot about these or just threw them out . You see things like this are such a rare treat to find I could not pass it up . I was only charged a dollar , yes a dollar . What a find let alone for a dollar ...Im doing a happy dance today too .. This is just one of the treats I found . Over the next several days I will show you other things I got stationery related ....well anyways thanks all . The writing on the front there says Palace Museum and chineese writing as well , even the original price tag is in chineese ....Okay Im done gushing .