Monday, July 22, 2013

Is it just me or what ?

Okay I was watching a weather channel broadcast and the reported seemed to have trouble with pronouncing certain cities and I do mean correctly and then she had trouble with pronouncing countrys correctly . I m wondering if the lack of education in this country contributes to such things ? I mean as many of you know I had a catholic education and a darn good one in fact and Im proud of it too . But I do know that catholic education does make a point in teaching values and excellent pronunciation . Now im wondering where many of these weather forcasters go to school ? college perhaps ? Well if some of them are any indication of the college system then their parents have waisted their money . Do any of you ever wonder if they have to take a test to become a weather forcaster ? I know this has crossed my mind several times . I caught myself yelling at the tv last night and I repeated the city correctly and yelled at the tv "Oh you twit " LOL .....

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