Monday, July 25, 2016

zentangles ? I m not sure if it is or not ...

I received this in the mail today from a pen friend . I could see right off it was a lion and I thought wow how neat ...I do believe they call this zentagles and if I'm wrong please inform me of such readers . speaking of reading I just finished an arc book. Arc stands for advanced readers copy . I often receive those in lieu of an honest review and I am only too happy to comply . so tell me folks am I right to go gah gah over this lion zentangle ? Oh well I will make this a short post because I have chores to do . High ho high ho it is off to work I go have a wonderful night .

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

another photo I found while looking ....

Here is a photo I found while looking for another thing in the closet . I was looking at this photo and it brought a subject to mind . How there is no date on this photo and I m always wondering why people were not more conscious of writing dates on photos way back when so they could look back and say hey remember when ? also add the peoples names that were in the photo please because one day we are all going to join the Lord in Heaven and some of us left behind wont know who was in the picture nor their names . Leave a legacy for your kids and write the names of their grandparents , great aunts and uncles etc so the kids at least know somewhat of where they came from .....If anyone has any idea of how old this photograph might be please let me know because there is no date on it nor the peoples names . I found this photo in a junk pile in a thrift store with a lot more photos all black and whites and I thought wow how awesome .Okay readers have an awesome day or evening , May the Good Lord watch over you and yours . take care .

A promise I made to a friend

Now it took me a  few days to remember (geeze I'm getting old LOL) that I had promised to post a picture when I found it . This was a conversation I had with my good friend Limner over at Oh just write me and if you have not checked out her blog yet please do so , she is a true artist and an all around awesome woman a real powerhouse mind you .... Okay back to what I was trying to do before I got off track . This is a picture I promised to post for her because it looked very much like one she had posted earlier and I told her I would post it when I found it and low and behold I had to look for something else in the closet and came across the album that this was in . So without further adieu here is the photo and enjoy . May the Good Lord watch over you and yours my dear readers .

Monday, July 18, 2016

Someone just reminded me of elephants and elephants remember everything LOL ...

I for one happen to love elephants . Not many people know it is one of my passions . These are some old elephants some of them are from the 1940s and 1950s and the big orange one is a hummel aka goebel which is the name hummel used to go by in Germany . Please google if you want to know more about hummel or goebel . some of these are bone china which you don't find much of anymore . I love elephants because I think that they are by nature gentle unless provoked by human ignorance and I did mean ignorance .I don't go to circuses  much anymore because I find it disturbing that these magnificent creatures are kept in captivity at all and many die horrible deaths .Think about that please next time you visit a circus or take your kids to one . I just wanted to share this with my readers . May the good Lord watch over you and yours .

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The confidant woman by Joyce Meyers

I have found this book to be very good and inspirational and it helps me everyday with my walk with God and it helps me in my prayer devotion as well . If any of you are needing uplifting then please get this book . I purchased this book off amazon for a minimal cost and it has provided so much more . Please , please I urge to get this book if you are needing prayer help and or inspiration or both . May the Good Lord keep you and yours safe and may He watch over you and yours .

Friday, July 15, 2016

I really dislike writing bad reviews on a product , trust me I really do

Now I am talking about the platinum preppy pens that I recently ordered and received . I ordered two in different nibs just to see how I liked them and oh no I don't . I don't like them at all . To be honest my cheap jinhao x750 writes so much better than these preppys . I cannot imagine a fellow fountain pen lover liking these preppys that much compared to other pens . The jinhaos glide over paper any paper but not these . They should have the title "crappy " instead of preppy attached to them .Yes folks that is how much I dislike them . I will stick with my cheap jinhao x750 model thank you . If this is what America is turning out in the way of products folks we are all doomed . Yes , get that I highly dislike these preppys . I wish I could return them but it would cost more to return them than it is to keep them . Well take care all and I wish everyone well .