Wednesday, July 20, 2016

another photo I found while looking ....

Here is a photo I found while looking for another thing in the closet . I was looking at this photo and it brought a subject to mind . How there is no date on this photo and I m always wondering why people were not more conscious of writing dates on photos way back when so they could look back and say hey remember when ? also add the peoples names that were in the photo please because one day we are all going to join the Lord in Heaven and some of us left behind wont know who was in the picture nor their names . Leave a legacy for your kids and write the names of their grandparents , great aunts and uncles etc so the kids at least know somewhat of where they came from .....If anyone has any idea of how old this photograph might be please let me know because there is no date on it nor the peoples names . I found this photo in a junk pile in a thrift store with a lot more photos all black and whites and I thought wow how awesome .Okay readers have an awesome day or evening , May the Good Lord watch over you and yours . take care .

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