Sunday, September 25, 2016

The tea planters wife review

 This was an awesome book this book swept me away to Ceylon . This lady of the plantation was a strong woman and willfull as well . I wish they had written more about what types of tea were planted on the plantation and how they cultivated it . However this book focused on the family that lived in the plantation . some parts of this book I found personally disturbing but that is me . Some people might not find it disturbing . All in all I did enjoy this book and highly recommend for all of you who read this blog . take care all . I received this book from blogging for books in exchange for my honest review and that is exactly what they got an honest review . I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to review and read such a wonderful book . Thank you again blogging for books .

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Today from my garden

Yes I do enjoy when gardening pays off and it certainly did the last month or so . This morning I picked this lettuce fresh out of my garden . Now I planted it amongst my flowers in my flower bed and when I do that the wild rabbits leave it alone guess they are afraid of the big thorns that grow on my rose bushes . I'm so proud of myself and I will share this with my husbands co worker since he does seem to like food and things grown by people . so I'm really proud of this accomplishment and I do think I am anointed to grow things .My husband does not garden and I don't think he really understands me being tickled pink about things growing from seed and yes I grew this lettuce from seed .

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

This book oh my gosh this book

Oh my goodness this book was awesome and I must say this does classify as one of the best books I have read this year . And you may notice I made a bookmark to match this book without giving too much away . I often do that make a bookmark to match the book and this one was very fitting . I love most of the charecters in this book as well and that my friends rarely happens . I felt swept away to the time of this book and not many books can do that but this one certainly did and boy oh boy I cannot say enough good things about this book . It is well worth the read my dear ones and I just loved it . Okay enough gushing go run and get a copy of this book you will not be disappointed .,I purchased this book from amazon and I must also add that this book had some unedited portions in it and I was also amazed that an editor worth his or her grain of salt would have let this book go to print like that . Brutally honest again folks . I wont apologize for being honest and neither should you ,

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Onto my next book

This book got here today and I'm anxious to read it . I think learning about how things happen the way they do is quite interesting . Why do people feel like that they need to bathe in perfume and gag others ? , when I do believe that perfume makers did not intend their product to be used that way . I do believe that they did intend to make a product that was to be used lightly thus maybe one or two spritz and that is it . I see people saying oh I cant smell my perfume anymore but people around them can and therefore they over do it . In this book it does tell of how perfume plays a part in this womans life and that is the part I am going to enjoy as to how and why she thinks like she does as I'm sure many of us would find that interesting . I still cannot hear out of one of my ears and I'm hoping that the Good Lord restores my hearing out of that ear soon .well that is all for today peeps write on and keep the good mail flowing .

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Just had to have a lil pretty in the house .

I just had to have a lil pretty in the house today . I cut these from my rose beds out front of my house .Now let me tell you I used to have an aunt who detested fresh flowers in her house because she said they reminded her of a funeral home . Well I'm so glad I have the opportunity to grow flowers and I must be anointed by God to grow things because usually everything I put into the ground grows . Yes I have a green thumb .But since I'm ill I just wanted a lil pretty in the house . I love having something pretty to look at .And by the way , The Obituary writer book was good but did not like the ending really .

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Well today broke the camel's back

Well it is official I have a perforated eardrum in other words I have a hole in my ear drum . It is not comfortable to say the least but I'm living through it and the dr said it will take a while to heal . I am on antibiotics and musinex because a sinus infection which I was not aware of at all brought it all on . So while I'm sick I'm going to be reading and  I am currently reading this
And I'm almost done with it and will report on it when it is finished and so far it is ooh -lah -lah . and then I will be onto this
The Obituary writer . and then I have this lil girl keeping me company and the other doggies too they wont sit still for a pic though .
sorry fot the shoe in the way but could not resist those ears and that what mom look LOL . so all of you write letters and I should be feeling well in a couple of days and back on the road to recovery .

Friday, September 2, 2016

Burkini-Inspired Swim Fashion Show

okay ladies what say you ? do you think she has a point ?