Tuesday, September 20, 2016

This book oh my gosh this book

Oh my goodness this book was awesome and I must say this does classify as one of the best books I have read this year . And you may notice I made a bookmark to match this book without giving too much away . I often do that make a bookmark to match the book and this one was very fitting . I love most of the charecters in this book as well and that my friends rarely happens . I felt swept away to the time of this book and not many books can do that but this one certainly did and boy oh boy I cannot say enough good things about this book . It is well worth the read my dear ones and I just loved it . Okay enough gushing go run and get a copy of this book you will not be disappointed .,I purchased this book from amazon and I must also add that this book had some unedited portions in it and I was also amazed that an editor worth his or her grain of salt would have let this book go to print like that . Brutally honest again folks . I wont apologize for being honest and neither should you ,

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