Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Just had to have a lil pretty in the house .

I just had to have a lil pretty in the house today . I cut these from my rose beds out front of my house .Now let me tell you I used to have an aunt who detested fresh flowers in her house because she said they reminded her of a funeral home . Well I'm so glad I have the opportunity to grow flowers and I must be anointed by God to grow things because usually everything I put into the ground grows . Yes I have a green thumb .But since I'm ill I just wanted a lil pretty in the house . I love having something pretty to look at .And by the way , The Obituary writer book was good but did not like the ending really .


  1. They're beautiful! You do have a little pretty in the house. :D
    Feel better soon.

  2. Get better soon! Those are pretty...and may I envy your green thumb? Despite having two grandmothers that could grow anything I just don't have the knack.