Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Onto my next book

This book got here today and I'm anxious to read it . I think learning about how things happen the way they do is quite interesting . Why do people feel like that they need to bathe in perfume and gag others ? , when I do believe that perfume makers did not intend their product to be used that way . I do believe that they did intend to make a product that was to be used lightly thus maybe one or two spritz and that is it . I see people saying oh I cant smell my perfume anymore but people around them can and therefore they over do it . In this book it does tell of how perfume plays a part in this womans life and that is the part I am going to enjoy as to how and why she thinks like she does as I'm sure many of us would find that interesting . I still cannot hear out of one of my ears and I'm hoping that the Good Lord restores my hearing out of that ear soon .well that is all for today peeps write on and keep the good mail flowing .


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    1. hello judy and thanks for the stop by I am now following your blog called the knottyneedle cute name by the way . I hope you will follow me as well . I talk a little bit about everything here and everyone is welcome .

  2. Perfumery is an interesting calling. I saw a documentary about the craft last year; it really was enlightening. I wonder who discovered the pulse points to daub for the most seductive effect? It had to have been a man, huh? :) Natural scents seldom make people ill. Most man-made things have ugly side effects.

    I sold Avon when I was in my 20s. The scents always changed on my skin. The more expensive perfumes did too. I loved the first few seconds of Poison though. Ooh la-la! It was a heady turn-on. Now I settle for the oil of a fresh lemon on my wrists. :) My favorite scent that does not make me ill? Rosemary dish soap! LOL.I actually enjoy doing dishes when I use it.

    I look forward to a great review from you!

    I'm sorry it's taking awhile for you to feel better. The joke in my house is I caught Hillary's pneumonia. My left ear isn't picking up much sound; the rest of me feels like I have an unknown disease. Perhaps the doctor will name it after me tomorrow. :) Be well.