Saturday, September 3, 2016

Well today broke the camel's back

Well it is official I have a perforated eardrum in other words I have a hole in my ear drum . It is not comfortable to say the least but I'm living through it and the dr said it will take a while to heal . I am on antibiotics and musinex because a sinus infection which I was not aware of at all brought it all on . So while I'm sick I'm going to be reading and  I am currently reading this
And I'm almost done with it and will report on it when it is finished and so far it is ooh -lah -lah . and then I will be onto this
The Obituary writer . and then I have this lil girl keeping me company and the other doggies too they wont sit still for a pic though .
sorry fot the shoe in the way but could not resist those ears and that what mom look LOL . so all of you write letters and I should be feeling well in a couple of days and back on the road to recovery .


  1. I'm sorry for your ear drum, poor thing. You have great company. Books don't talk back, so you won't have to keep saying "What?" all day. :)

    What a lovely puppy. Erin had one just like it when she was a toddler. His name was Daxx. The sweetest dog we ever had.

    Take care. Be well.

    1. thank you so much for your kindness limner you are truly one of my best pen pals and friends . I could not ask for more thank you again .These meds I'm taking are making me loopy so if you get a crazy letter chalk it up to the meds LOL .