Thursday, February 28, 2013

wow i think Im in a better mood

well just to let all my readers know I am working on two books . One is a kids book which I will need the name and addy of a publisher if any of my dear readers know any please pass on the info . The other one is a manuscript I must have tucked away a while ago because I found it while cleaning out my bedroom this past week and just cleaning period . So naturally when I saw it I totally wanted to kick myself in the head and I was like what in the world is wrong with you ? or so I would like to think is what happened and i just tucked it away . So these two books will be taking a significant amount of my time so if I dont blog here very often it is because I am working and working hard to get the kinks worked out of this manuscript too . Im just hoping it does not take me 2-3 yrs to finish this book . I hope this book does me justice or I do it justice whichever may be the case . Wish me luck .

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

have any of you exp windows 8 ? I hate it to say the least

Hi my dear readers I feel as though I should say this my husband bought me a new laptop but I hate windows 8 . It is too complicated unless you are a computer genius and I do mean that because navigation is complicated and I m thinking about just trading my husband this computer for his . I just wish I thought more and more about this purchase and had I known at the time that the windows 8 is so nasty ugh !!!Im also working on two books right now I managed to find a manuscript last night while looking for my inhaler (yes I have to use an inhaler ) they (the drs ) claim I don't have asthma but when I take the aerosol from my inhaler I stop coughing and I don't seem to be as stuffy as I normally am . does that tell me anything ? I don't know but will report to my dr when I see her on the 18th .I still am taking therapy Im not sure why , I think sometimes yes and sometimes no I don't understand it .I am urging all my readers to make sure when someone tells you windows 8 that you do think twice my dear friends about even attempting to navigate such an instrument ... It is a good thing that Microsoft does not ask my opinion of windows 8 because believe me when I say they would get an earful ....LOL . Yes I am just in one of those moods to tell people to go put it in their ear and that is being nice .

Monday, February 25, 2013

I hate this place my husband works

Hi dear readers and hope you have had a good day as for me and mine we have not had a really great week or day . My husbands company has screwed us over big time and now we cannot move this spring but we will be going next spring and no if ands or buts about it . I am just so fed up with this company thinking everyone that works there should sleep eat and poop this damn company and yet they can cost you money and it is no big deal . so you can better believe my dear readers that I will be taking this whole year to figure out how I can screw them over in return and I will not blink an eye over it or about it . I have had it with this trial and tribulation that I am going through .

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wal mart pisses me off again !!!

You know I guess this was just my week for being crapped on and Wal mart never fails to let me know that they do not give a rats ass about the customer and im sorry for all of you who have to work there I really am . But let me tell you something , Wal mart sucks and then some and they have managers who have attitudes and I mean a serious attitude problem and yeah I know some customers are bees and pees but there is no reason to loose control when a customer asks you for a better deal on a product that your store provides . Now I must say Im debating ever walking into another wal mart or wal mart ever receiving another of my pennies or dollars . I urge all my readers to please read up on wal mart policy and how you are not valued as a customer . I think wal mart and a few other corps should learn where their bread is buttered and that my dear readers is us their customers , yeah their customers !!! Because wal mart would be shit without customers that is right and I said it and Im proud of it . I think John Q Public should be afraid very afraid to shop wal mart . They are affectionatly known in my household as the evil empire !!! that is correct THE EVIL EMPIRE !!!! Mad ? You damn right im mad . Hear that wal mart you have a damn mad customer on your hands and yes i sent a nasty email to corporation wal mart and let us see if they have the balls to get back to me . Sorry if I am offending anyone but hey let us see you go through what I have gone through in the last week and see if you would not be mad as well !!!! There you have my it dear readers .

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It never rains unless it pours

boy never in my life would I think it would be so hard to find things and have them all come together at one time for us . It just never fails that something will ultimately go wrong . I have to stop myself and say Now Lord you know and i know that you dont want such and this etc to happen to a child of yours , so please Lord show me the path I am supposed to take and sometimes im wondering if Im hearing from the Lord or from satan . Those are times when I just get busy in the bible and read and pray and read and pray and sometimes I will get an answer but it is all in the Lords time not mine . I think we as christians probably hold some people to a higher standard and we are not supposed to do that at all . I find myself doing that alot . I wish I did nt but i do and it is one of many of my faults when it comes to people in general . Im so hoping that I get an answer sometime this week from The Lord showing me what path we are supposed to take because this study and search is getting more difficult and Satan sure has been busy I will tell you that . also please pray for my husband because things have been very difficult for him as well , satan has been busy with him as well . I sure aint giving up because Satan wants christians to give up and give way so that he can win . Well I do believe that God is mightier and can move mountains .

Monday, February 18, 2013

wow okay talk about mail art ...

okay thought I would send a pic of this amazing envelope im sending out to one lucky pen pal. I sometimes wonder what the post office must say when they see envies like this . Or any of the other bits and pieces of awesomeness that i see in the blogs about mail .Well now it is up to the rest of you to show me your awesome mail that you send out every week . another day down on my blog and I hope to get better really soon about posting every day or every other day . So there you have the challenge my dear readers show me some mail art !!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

It just occured to me that I forgot something

okay all of you mail artists are you interested in proving that some of us still do send mail and mail art ? then please send this guy a letter . He is the columnists that I talked about in my last post about how he thought that no one sends mail anymore and or mail and mail art is a decade gone by . Well please please send this guy some mail and mail art and let us all show him how wrong he is and he might even be swayed to post the letters and the mail art in his column would that not be a hoot ? to have some of our art out there to live in infamy to borrow a word from the Dear Mr. Winston Churchill . Please oh please dear readers let us all gather together and show this columnist he is wrong .... thanks all and here is the addy and please write on and draw on !!!!!

19329 E. Pinewood Dr.

Centennial, CO 80016   I put Mr. Al on the envie out of respect and just a general knowledge that some folks truly dont like someone calling them or writing to them by their first name when they are not close personal friends . Or so I was always told by my dear sweet granny who also happen to admire and love Mr. Winton Churchill and she was an admirer or the last great President Franklin D. Roosevelt and she would often recant of her standing with her mother and father while they were living in one of the state where  the train carrying his body after he passed away  , came through and how all the grown folks were crying and waving hankercheifs in the air and saying goodbye . well let me get back on track and say Have a wonderful day my readers and remember to get those letters out . thanks again .

Not working again blogger , really ?

Dear Heads in charge , some of our comments are not posting because of an error with blogger ... grrr okay I am officially mad now . So anyway another blogger posted about how a columnist said that no one sends  mail anymore so I thought I would do my part and send this columnist some mail art and I did and i hope i have made him see that people do send mail now a days and they also do mail art as well . I hope he posts an article about how he received all these pieces of mail art ... One can only hope that he will . Well that is about all my dear readers and yes I hope to post on Monday pm that we have a better idea of what city and state we are going to end up in all I know is that it will be warmer than where we are now . Oh yeah I have told you how tired I am of snow . I can honestly say if I never see another snow flake for the rest of my life that would be just fine with me . well bring on the tomatoe sandwiches , cool ice tea and cole slaw and oh yeah dont forget the bbq ribs and the tater salad , yummy . Gotta go dear readers take care all of you . thanks .

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Counting down to my next big move

10 wks to go yeah that's right 10 wks to go and guess what I have tomatoes growing on my windowsill yeah that's right tomatoe plants and they are in coffee cans until they get to the apt home with the patio in 10 wks . this drive will be nothing compared to the last move we made . This drive is 10 hrs and the last one was 16 hrs .... much easier this one . I cannot wait to get to a warmer environment and my dr thinks it is best for my health to be somewhere warmer . apparently where I currently live has the highest bad rating for breathing issues so I am so glad to be going to a warmer climate and am needing alot of prayers that everything goes smoothly ... yes ten weeks , come on ten weeks ...get here . Oh well all too dah lou and talk to you dear readers later .