Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wal mart pisses me off again !!!

You know I guess this was just my week for being crapped on and Wal mart never fails to let me know that they do not give a rats ass about the customer and im sorry for all of you who have to work there I really am . But let me tell you something , Wal mart sucks and then some and they have managers who have attitudes and I mean a serious attitude problem and yeah I know some customers are bees and pees but there is no reason to loose control when a customer asks you for a better deal on a product that your store provides . Now I must say Im debating ever walking into another wal mart or wal mart ever receiving another of my pennies or dollars . I urge all my readers to please read up on wal mart policy and how you are not valued as a customer . I think wal mart and a few other corps should learn where their bread is buttered and that my dear readers is us their customers , yeah their customers !!! Because wal mart would be shit without customers that is right and I said it and Im proud of it . I think John Q Public should be afraid very afraid to shop wal mart . They are affectionatly known in my household as the evil empire !!! that is correct THE EVIL EMPIRE !!!! Mad ? You damn right im mad . Hear that wal mart you have a damn mad customer on your hands and yes i sent a nasty email to corporation wal mart and let us see if they have the balls to get back to me . Sorry if I am offending anyone but hey let us see you go through what I have gone through in the last week and see if you would not be mad as well !!!! There you have my it dear readers .

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