Friday, February 15, 2013

Not working again blogger , really ?

Dear Heads in charge , some of our comments are not posting because of an error with blogger ... grrr okay I am officially mad now . So anyway another blogger posted about how a columnist said that no one sends  mail anymore so I thought I would do my part and send this columnist some mail art and I did and i hope i have made him see that people do send mail now a days and they also do mail art as well . I hope he posts an article about how he received all these pieces of mail art ... One can only hope that he will . Well that is about all my dear readers and yes I hope to post on Monday pm that we have a better idea of what city and state we are going to end up in all I know is that it will be warmer than where we are now . Oh yeah I have told you how tired I am of snow . I can honestly say if I never see another snow flake for the rest of my life that would be just fine with me . well bring on the tomatoe sandwiches , cool ice tea and cole slaw and oh yeah dont forget the bbq ribs and the tater salad , yummy . Gotta go dear readers take care all of you . thanks .

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