Friday, January 4, 2013

The abcs of life

I got this from Melissa and here we go ;
A is for age ;51
B is for Bed size Queen
C. is for Chore you hate cleaning the bathroom
D. is for dogs one 6 yrs old and the other is 7 yrs old
E. Essential start to your day : coffee
F. Fis for fave color : royal blue
G. Gold or Silver : Gold
H. Height : 5'10
I , Instruments you play : Violin and cello
J Job ittle : home maker right now
K. kids yep 5 grown ones and 3 little ones called grandkids
L. Live in Ohio for now and then in 14 wks im headed to south carolina .
M Married
N. Nicknames ; cathy , cat , kitty
O . Overnight hospital stay ; 2 once for the pneumonia that was actually a week . and then for 3 days because of a pain caused by an upper egd .
P. Pet Peeve ; dirty socks on the floor and sports shows that run over their time slot .
Q;Quote ; Be nice to everyone because everyone is fighting some kind of battle .
R. Righty or Lefty ? Im a Righty
S. Siblings ? yep too many
T. Time you wake up ? 630
U . Unniversity you attended : i was not that fortunate to attend a college
V . Vegetables  you dislike ? yep rutabagers
W. What makes you run late ? bad drivers and late phone calls
X. Xrays you have had ? I have had neck , head and chest x rays
Y. Yummy food ; Chicken and dumplings
Z. zoo animal favorite : elephants and monkeys
i hope you all will do your blog the same and let us know more about you . oh well take care all and this was fun .

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So glad things are back to normal

I for one am glad all the holidays are over and im back to normal as well . well I hope that we have many more sunny days this week because I planted some tomatoe seeds in my terrariums today and I hoping that will give them a headstart . So maybe I should say a prayer over them . My dill seeds is coming up left and right and in my opinion nothing will liven up a dish better than fresh herbs . Im really tired so if I dont make any sense then please excuse and feel free to delete the ramblings of a tired old woman . I have also been up all this week at around 630 and ugh I hate it being up so early . well just let me say Im so glad I have all my friends and family still around and none of them are in the hospital or sickly . Here is to many more post in this lovely new year of 2013 .