Sunday, May 24, 2015

show me a cartoon charecter that reminds you of you

this is who I often think people would see me as . Well this character reminds me of hettie on the ncis los angeles . However you would have to chop me in half because im very tall and however I do somewhat speak like hettie . Yes some people talk too much as well but this is not what this is about today . This blog wants to know what cartoon character remind you of you ?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Shoes , shoes what do shoes do for us ?

what do shoes do for us ? well really if you think about it they help us to travel new paths , or do they get us from point A to point B ? what do shoes mean to you . Some women match their outfits to their shoes and purses . Some people have to have special shoes for their job . Well I was inspired to do this envie and blog by Limner over at Oh write me . This envie is no where near as good as hers so I apologize to her in advance . I humbly bow to the Queen of Mail Art in my opinion is she the good Limner . Hail O Queen of Mail Art :

Sunday, May 17, 2015

reading is good for the soul indeed

I am currently reading "The Boston Girl " by Anita Diamant . this is a very good book and I could not recommend it more . There are very few books that I consider any good in this world . I think this is one of them . I certainly enjoyed this one . If the authors name looks familiar that is because she wrote "The Red Tent"and any of you who read this you will know that she writes very well. But again this is all my opinion so if you do happen to find yourself reading this book or do read it please let me know how you liked it .I liked it so much that I have read it in two days !!! Yes two days I heard some people say they read it in one sitting, yes you read that right one sitting . Oh well my dear readers enjoy your day and take care all .

Monday, May 4, 2015

oh the things I find to make envelopes !!!

yes these papers came from an aviation calendar and to think that most of these people in these photos are probably long gone into the great beyond but just thought they would make wonderful envelopes and why not give something different to look at while mailing a letter ? again the things I find to make envelopes out of , Oh my lions and tigers and bears . And yes speaking of Lions and tigers and bears . I just finished a great book written by Thomas French it is 'zoo story life in the garden of captives . It is about some of the animals that lived at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa Florida and being one who has visited this zoo I highly recommend a visit and to read this book . I remember once taking my kids to the Lowry Park zoo and they had a chimp there named chester who is featured in this book , yes I remember him because he would throw dirt and poo at people . Well my son got missed and another young man standing beside him got hit with the nasty mess and he was like eww ..and his friends were not so kind to him calling him stinky while leaving the chimp area . Oh well just thought I would plug the book while I was at it .Well that is it for today dear readers .

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mail Art , oh lovely mail art

yes dear
readers this is my mail art and I don't claim to be an artist but I just think that fun
mail is better than just a plain old envelope ...don't you agree ? don't you think that it is fun
to get fun decorated mail than just plain mail ...I just love to share my mail art with my pen
pals and friends .