Thursday, April 30, 2015

I often wonder what my dogs think at times

I just saw this commercial on tv and the dog is talking back to the lady "yes Im hungry , of course im hungry .. too cute and I often wonder if this is how dogs think of what we say to them . I wonder if all animals are like that especially when you attend the zoo. I wonder if the animals there think " wow look at these stupid people eweing and awing over us . LOL ... I guess this is just one of those things you might often think about . At least I do anyway . Do any of you that have pets or any of you out there ? oh well enough for now dear readers .

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy Earth Day !!!!

Yes Happy Earth day to everyone . Go out and plant something and make the earth a better place than you left it today . Even if it is just taking flowers to someone . Mother Earth gave us those flowers enjoy them .

Monday, April 20, 2015

finally a company that does the right thing for once

I had , had a problem with some potting soil I had purchased at lowes and now I found out that it was mushy and nasty and had an odor so I just got rid of it . However when I called Lowes they were great and said that they would send me a gc and to me that made it right . Now normally I don't use miracle grow potting soil I use the organic stuff and to the organic stuff I add perlite and vermiculite and then wallah you have an awesome soil . Anyways it is good to know that there are still some companys that do the right thing and make it right . so all in all I have had a good day and looking for an even better one tomorrow . Im going to look at seeing about going on a ghost tour . Yes folks they have ghost tours here in the city I live in . I know they have them in savannah ga and I just loved those when I went on one of them . well got a letter back today from someone saying they were unable to forward it and for the life of me I cannot understand why unless this person is moved on and if so okay they will let me know I hope they will least ways if not then  I wont bother either from my side . Okay kiddies that is it for now and all of you take care .

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Go Set a Watchman: A Novel

Im dying to read this book . why you ask ? because it is the sequel to my much beloved "To Kill a mockingbird ' Thank God she wrote a sequel to this dearly loved fave book of mine and many others I am sure of that . I will come back here after I read it and let you all know how I think it fared and if I liked it .

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

okay can i scream now ?

I often wonder why in the blue blazes people go around thinking that people owe them anything ? Often I happen to run into people that have what I like to call entitlement attitude . I never allowed my kids to get away with thinking that I owed them a birthday , a Christmas a holiday of any sort but they were given such and they knew it was a priviledge , not a birth right as so many of todays young people think that money , cars and other things grow on trees and they don't have to pay for anything and our government owes them a living . I blame our government for giving hand outs not hand ups . Everyone deserves a chance and a hand up every now and then , but not to make it a way of life .I know this might be a foreign concept to some people but whatever happened to working for what you want and for a living . No one owes you anything . The reason behind this blog today was because I saw such in action yesterday while waiting in line at the movie theatre . A young woman pitched a total fit because she had to pay for the young children with her she had 5 with her and she thought because they were under 6 she did not have to pay for them , where in the world she got that idea is beyond me . She also told the young woman with her that she was on welfare and she deserved to see a movie and she weren't (her language not mine ) going to pay for these nasty arse (she stated the foul word )brats either she told the other lady just watch me . She screamed and ranted and raved until she was asked to leave . She used all kinds of foul nasty language and then she and the kids were escorted off the property by the police . Her friend decided not to stay either and went and got in her car .

Then when I came home I found out that I did an exchange with another lady and she is not happy with what I sent her and she wants me to send her another pkg . Nope sorry not going to happen and now she is threatening to get me banned from the site where we do book exchanges nope sorry I don't care ...I do have my suspcions that she is also a give me give me person the more she can get for free the better . Oh well I will deal with her and take care of the matter lickety split . Im from the house of Judge Judy ....Don't pee on my leg and tell me it is raining .