Monday, September 29, 2014

Jinhao X750 fountain pen

this is a nice pen and Im not in any way being endorsed by any company for this glowing recommendation . I love the way it writes it is smooth . Now the flow of the ink could stand improving because I find that I sometimes have to take the pen body apart and feed the ink but it is not too often and im not sure that it is not the ink . . I felt it was high time I did a fountain pen review because I have been writing with them since what ? grade school ? yes sister Agnes you did a good job and im sure you are looking down from heaven with pride knowing that you did such a good job with all of your first teaching assignment and penmanship class . Yes penmanship classes they actually taught you how to write in those days and she also taught us how to compose a letter , friendly and business . Here is the picture of the pen and the color is red lava .