Thursday, July 30, 2015

guess where I was last night ? Yes you guessed it I was at a James Taylor concert

A friend of ours gave us tickets and it was an amazing concert .
and we met this amazing lil lady .
yes a good time and good night was had by all and Mr . Taylor did not disappoint . He was a true  showman and this will be something I will never forget .

Monday, July 27, 2015

today was a banner mail day 6 letters yes 6 letters and that is a banner day ...

Today was a banner mail day and these are the ones
that are going out as answers tomorrow . Oh Limner your mail is something to be hold they are just mail goodness and pure artistry . Thank you always a treat to receive a letter from you .

Thursday, July 16, 2015

this is a picture of the cast iron stove playset that my grandmother and great grandmother had

This is the stove playset that my grandmother and great grandmother played with as a child and I still have the one pot . I cannot believe someone has it for sale on ebay for 65.00 . I will have to think about that purchase although I don't ever think I will have the money for it . Just too many other bills that come every month to be paid . but I would dearly love to have it . So glad to know that it is still in exsistance .

well now without further delay ....

One of my readers asked me what was in my curio cabinet that was shown on yesterdays blog . Well now there is one piece imparticular that has special meaning to me .and it is
this cast iron pot Is a miniature
it belonged to a small cast iron stove playset that belonged to my grandmother when she was a little girl and it also had belonged to her mother as a little girl over the years the stove and the rest of the play set has disappeared but I have hung on to this piece with dear life because of the rest of the playset is gone and it is a lasting piece of my grandmothers and great grandmothers childhood .
These miniature pieces were collected from
Rose tea brand tea and I love all the miniatures they put out .
now the noahs ark I found in a thrift store . The sailboat and the divers helmet are from rose tea .
now the wheel and the treasure chest are also from rose tea and the little mail truck my husband found somewhere and he gave it to me since I am the letter writer in the house .
So there you have it my dear readers that is what is in my curio cabinet and I still have room for more .

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

wow talk about an organized mess

I want to say thanks to Limner for the idea of this post . Well Here is my work area where the wheels start turning in my brain so that I can manage a good letter , two or three and maybe more . Yes my friends I penned the infamous Lester Holt from this mess area and maybe it is just clutter and not mess . I like the word clutter instead of mess . Okay here goes
this here is one corner of my desk .
here is where you see all my fountain pens ,inks and wax stubs still usuable , and my wax stampers and ink pads etc .
and here is what sits over my desk
on the wall . yes a curio cabinet with several miniatures in it . yes that is a macramé owl made
by a friend of mine many moons ago and there are several little pieces in there . Yes Im surrounded by oddles and caboodles . Is caboodles even a word ? well it is in my world LOL . yeah I know please save the grammar police and not ticket me . Oh well take care readers and hope to find something new to blog about soon . All this clutter is why I need a house and that is in the works I am glad to announce . Well take care all and stay cool if you are in a warm area and if you are in a cool area stay warm LOL .

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

my other hobby

Well when Im not drawing charecters for my mail art ,  I am growing African violets . I was rewarded this morning with the sight of my first bloom on my Optimara My Dream African violet . I am also posting other pics of my av leaves that I am growing and now they have babies which means I will have a slew of plants in 5- 6 months and im pleased as punch that they have done so well . enjoy dear readers .

Sunday, July 5, 2015

It truly was a beautiful day at the river front park and there were a lot of people out today but it sure was hot as hades and then some . But all in all mother natures beauty is a great thing .
"The first hundred years are the toughest " Belle Brown . Have a great day and evening .