Wednesday, July 15, 2015

wow talk about an organized mess

I want to say thanks to Limner for the idea of this post . Well Here is my work area where the wheels start turning in my brain so that I can manage a good letter , two or three and maybe more . Yes my friends I penned the infamous Lester Holt from this mess area and maybe it is just clutter and not mess . I like the word clutter instead of mess . Okay here goes
this here is one corner of my desk .
here is where you see all my fountain pens ,inks and wax stubs still usuable , and my wax stampers and ink pads etc .
and here is what sits over my desk
on the wall . yes a curio cabinet with several miniatures in it . yes that is a macramé owl made
by a friend of mine many moons ago and there are several little pieces in there . Yes Im surrounded by oddles and caboodles . Is caboodles even a word ? well it is in my world LOL . yeah I know please save the grammar police and not ticket me . Oh well take care readers and hope to find something new to blog about soon . All this clutter is why I need a house and that is in the works I am glad to announce . Well take care all and stay cool if you are in a warm area and if you are in a cool area stay warm LOL .


  1. I am way too embarrassed to show my desk top. It is very, very messy. I do however, have all my washi tapes, glues, pens, etc tucked neatly into storage drawers. Maybe I can showcase that on my blog.

  2. I notice you have an angel on your desk. I collect angels and have them near me in my office.

  3. LOL! You stinker! Your desk practically makes you OCD! My desks should be so neat, but I find what I need most of the time. What a sweet owl. I did macrame once upon a time but never made anything as pretty. I can't see what's in your curio cabinet so I'm curious. What do you collect?

    And the light! You have an ideal letter-writing nook. Write on!

  4. I like the word clutter better, too, though I think my own clutter is more akin to mess. Sigh.

    Your writing area looks wonderful!

  5. Cat, I have not replied to your last letter. Hope to get it written and out the door before the weekend arrives.