Friday, January 20, 2017

the seven stories that shape your life by gerald kelly

this book clearly was written by a godly man who knows what gods purpose is for his life . I think sometimes people write a book with the utmost good intentions and clearly defining a path of Gods purpose for them . That being said it might not be the same purpose for our life each one of us has to know what gods plan is for us individually . I think this book gives us keys to see that . It is well written and gives me some clarity . I am also a worrier when it comes to family life , and life in general I do think . I would read this book if you are a planner and want to follow gods lead in your life . I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it was an awesome book to say the least .

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

the kill fee

This one was pretty good and it also had good plot , good subject and may I say when those two are combined it makes for a pretty good book . Yes I said pretty good not great just pretty good . The charecters are well developed and I find them a delightful bunch indeed . I really like poppy I find her to be a smart and well educated woman and maybe too well educated for the time period this book was set in . Most women in this time frame were housewives and mothers and anything more was not expected . However that being said , it was still a dog gone good book and I will not give away the plot . thanks to kregel for suppling a free print copy for my honest review . I'm telling you reader go out and get a copy and see how you like it .

Sunday, January 8, 2017

this is a dark book

Another one I did not care for it was dark a lil too dark for me . I don't like books that make you feel like doom and gloom is about to turn every corner . I finished this book yesterday and for the whole day I was sort of depressed . The charecters are rather well developed and almost make you think you knew someone like these people from your past life . Sorry I did not have the same experience as others while reading this book . It just did not do it for me and I will tell you to give it a try for yourself .Thanks to blogging for books for sending me a copy for my honest review .

control girl was obviously not of the same faith as i am

this book was supposed to relate women from the bible to women of today and in my opinion the message was not clear in this book . Kregel sent me a copy of this book for my honest review . My honest review is this book does not get it for me and I was really surprised at some of the bible references in this book . I could not finish because a lot of it I simply did not believe seeing as how I read my bible every day , Nope sorry I'm saying forget it pass this one by ... thanks folks .

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Deep Water by dr christine poulson

This book was full of twists and turns that I did not expect and I loved it cause I like books that are not predictable and you just don't know where they are going .
This was certainly one of those books indeed . I also liked the charecters in this book as well and that does not happen too often with new authors with me . What can I say I love this book and will recommend it to more reader friends of mine . Thank you to kregel for sending a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review .

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Holding up the unniverse

You know I don't think I have read such an utterly more depressing book in my lifetime . Besides the language being rather salty , the whole bunch are ready to jump off a cliff in my opinion . These charecters are beyond sad and depressed . If I saw my teenager reading this book I would be so ready to grab it away from them . There is absoloutly no way I could recommend this book to any of my friends because I thought it so depressing ugh !!!No thank you I hope the next one is better because after reading this mickey mouse would be refreshing .

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

cooking for picaso

this came as an audio book and it was quite the suprising and nice little read . I had a lot of fun listening to this one . I felt sorry for Ondine the girl who was cooking for her mother and her restaurant . she then meets a  man who will change her world in all kinds of ways . I thought it to be a nice book and funny as well . I think it would be a delightful read for anyone who likes to read .