Sunday, January 28, 2018

please tell me that someone is okay

For those of you who know the Limner over at Oh write me . would someone tell me that she is okay since her blog seems to have been deleted and that worries me it really does and I have not had a letter or card from her since Christmas and that was almost a month and a half ago . If anyone knows her please reach out to me and let me know she is okay . I'm truly worried especially since her blog was deleted and that is alarming to me . If anyone has heard from her please let me know when was the last time you heard from her . I am deeply concerned thanks readers and God bless us all .

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy 2018 everyone !!!

well first off I hope everyone had a great Christmas and new years . I did and my honey surprised me with a new sewing machine and a rocking chair . I had been asking for this rocking chair forever . I also made cushions for it out of a king size sheet . I looked at all kinds of you tube videos and they showed me how to do it . I think it turned out fantastic . But I will show all of that later on in another post . I just wanted to catch up and say happy new year to everyone . I hope this year goes very well for all of us .

Sunday, December 17, 2017

my newest aquisition

the first is a new curio cabinet I found at a thrift store , The second is the tree I had refered to in another post and I have finally finished what I was going to do with it . The curio cabinet caught my eye right off the bat and I got an awesome deal for it , They knocked 5.00 off .  I had this idea from the tree a while back and I love the parrots . I got this idea from a friend who recently traveled to Jamaica she said the parrots there hang out in the trees and bug the tourists there and I thought that was a neat idea and so wallah there you have it . I have plenty of room in the curio so it is calling for some more miniatures , I love miniature elephants and miniature animals . I especially love the glass ones where the light shines through them so that will be that for today readers . take care all and have a fabulous holiday .

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

this darling thing sent to me by a dear friend

first off I feel as though I must apologize to  my dear friend Limner over at "Oh write me " . She sent this to me some time ago and I kept telling her that I would post a picture of it as soon as I found a place for it . Well it finally has a set place in my home as a ceiling fan pull . I love it because I am a gardener as well as some of you might know already . I also have an abundance of dragon flies in the summer here . I just love it and I wanted her to know that I had not forgotten just life got in the way so now it makes its debut . I hope you will forgive me  my dear Limner it was not an oversight just life got in the way . and that tree there in the corner has a story too so stay tuned for the tale of the tree .

Thursday, November 23, 2017

hi all I found these lil goodies at the thrift store as well . The pig chef is adorable and my kitchen is done in chefs so he fit right in . The vase just called out my name and come this summer I think it will look rather pretty with some roses and zinnias mixed in with maybe a marigold or two as well . Well that is about all for now folks thanks for looking and happy thanksgiving .

Sunday, November 19, 2017

thrift store shopping yesterday

Yesterday I went thrift store shopping and I love thrift stores and look what I found .
I picked up these little darlings for 1.00 yep 1.00 I just love anything French . I also picked up a dress 3.00  . Hubby picked up a desk chair , a fake ficus tree , a lamp with attached table all for 20.00 . I also haggle when I got to thrift stores you never know until you ask . I picked up other things too but I will leave those for tommorows post . stay tuned folks you never know what I will talk about next . 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Re injuring an old injury

For all my readers : Halloween is coming and I feel like a ghost yes you read that right a ghost . The last few months have been hellish for me and yes hellish indeed . My teeth gave me night mares those are fixed now and then my old ski injury has inflamed on me . I never broke anything but my knee did become distended and swollen while sking on snow years and years ago . I was a teen ager then and recovered quite nicely and no one including the ortho doctor that this could become a major pain in my older years . One would think that orthopedic doctors would warn you like they do today about being aware of re injuring it or it just being a major pain. No , they did not . So now I am in a brace again and let me tell you there are weeks when I am in a brace and full of pain still , Every dr I have ever been to about this injury tells me that surgery is not an option for this type of injury . So now my question is , do they expect a body to live on ibuprofen or pain meds for the rest of the time that we have left ? well I bought a new knee brace and I'm sorry but it is shitty to say the least and I am getting my money back on it so I can buy a better one at least and feel better or at least a semblance of less pain to put it mildly . well heres to all of you who can walk normal this week while this old gal is dragging her leg like the mummy . Happy Halloween all and take care .