Thursday, February 4, 2016

Not nice Mr. Lester Holt of NBC fame , not nice at all

Now several months ago I wrote to Lester Holt , the anchor of the NBC nightly news broadcast in response to a story he did about letter writing being a lost art . Well I never received a response from him at all and I thought him very rude and can imagine what he would do if a child wrote to him ? Would it have made a difference ? , who knows . But I am here to say that letter writing is not a lost art and the letter did include some references for Mr . Holt to see . I even put my distinctive touch of mail art on it , for all of us mail artists to be thought of . I am so angry to say the least that some people just don't have the time to write back after the person who wrote the letter took the time to do so . Now I know some of you will say that those people are so busy ,well aren't we all these days ? I still find time to write . I guess it is just a matter of how your prioritize matters in your life . So I will leave it at that and should Lester Holt be advised that this blog does mention him , I would be more than happy to debate him at any time regarding the so called lost art of letter writing indeed . Well that is all for today folks , enjoy your day .

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

my mail art

Well after some deep breathing and deep soul searching I can finally take it easy . I'm posting pictures of my mail art . My pen pals are often the recpiants of these lil pieces of art . I'm no where near as good as some of my counter parts . But I am trying my best and sometimes I run out of ideas of what to draw on the backs of my envelopes . So here they are and best wishes all for a happy Halloween .

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The floods of south carolina

First all we are fine and we are dry . the opposite side from where we live is the side that flooded . My new house did not flood and that is great . We are closing on October 30th bidding there is not major damage somewhere . So all of you please pray for my closing and all goes well . TY Limner for the gift . thanks

Monday, September 21, 2015

Look what I got in the mail ...

Look at that envelope will you ? is that not awesome mail goodness , Of course it is and it is whoa baby hold on to your shorts good . I love this coloring book as well . For now I will use it to practice drawing my birds and animals so much better than I have been . In the meanwhile I want the person who sent this to me to know a nice lil thank you is coming your way . God bless you my friend . I'm so glad you think so highly of me to give me a gift like this I am blown away and I will leave it at that .

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oy Vey ! I have such a bone to pick with the new muppets show

well now it has come to my understanding that the new muppets show will pair Kermit the frog up with another female besides miss piggy . I'm sorry but what are we teaching our children ? every child I know loves Kermit the frog , and all the charecters from sesame street .I think it is a very bad idea to pair Kermit up with someone besides miss piggy . It makes him out to be a cheater . Do we really want to teach our children especially our sons that it is okay to be a cheater ? I for one don't want the muppets  teaching   my grandson or future grandsons that it is okay to be a cheater . Also don't want my granddaughters  thinking that it is okay for a husband to be a player or a cheater . I will let my views be known to the powers that be at abc who is accepting this show into their fall lineup . I for one am outraged and pointing my angry finger at the powers that be .

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How much more can one take ?

Yes , I mean really , how much more can one take . All this house business is about to drive me nutso . I truly mean that . I have had about enough of the back and forth , back and forth and then I want to scream my lungs out . Yes it is aggravating . I thought baking a pie might help . It did for about two minutes and then it was back to the driving me nuts again . UGH !!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Today was one of those days when I knew I should not have watched the news .

you know there are just some days when you should not look at the news or read it either . Today was one of those days for me .First off let me address the issue of the execution and murder of those two wonderful people who were simply doing their job . This disgruntled employee decided to take these dear people 's lives over who knows what . He simply pulled out a gun and murdered them in cold blood . He was then transported to the hospital because he shot himself in the head with the same gun , He later died . I'm sorry but I feel nothing for these sick twisted people who go out and destroy someones life and believe me when I say  he has effected a lot of people today . Mothers , Fathers , lovers and friends and how dare he screw someone s life up like that . I am angry as hell at sickos walking our streets and killing decent people who are just going about their daily life . I'm angry as hell that some how this moron thought it was anywhere near okay to murder  two what appear to be very kind and loving people . I hope he rots in Hell, but in the back of my mind I know that the Good Lord in Heaven will make sure he gets his so well deserved punishment . Nothing man could do would be as bad as what awaits him when he meets Jesus Christ . Yes I do believe in Jesus and God and the holy spirit and I am a Christian and yes Christians can get mad and we are allowed to be angry as hell . Now my second sad part of this day . It has been so long since this particular zoo had twin panda babys , but one of their lives was not meant to be and I hope he or she rests in peace .I am between anger and tears today and it takes a lot to move me like that ...Okay I have had my say and if any of you feel like commenting please do . My heart is torn in two piece today and I have not had that happen in quite a long time . Just a sad and hurtful day .