Wednesday, May 31, 2017


So much happened in this book and how short a read this one was for me indeed . I felt for Miriam the main character in this book . I found her to be a very strong person and of good character morally that is . Boy did this family hit home with all the families having to deal with domestic issues these days . It was disturbing to me in some parts and some of those parts I could have done without . But all in all it was a good book and I hope some of my dear readers will pick up a copy and give it a try .

Thursday, May 25, 2017

great book

wow what a delightful and all around good book . I found it interesting how a tight knit family can just unravel after the death of a loved one . I loved learning about the sons and the lives they have led and how one character was apparently gay and in love with a straight woman . This author does a magnificent job of drawing us in and wanting us to love these charecters as much as she does . You can tell from the writing how much she loves these charecters and she took her time developing them . I for one very much enjoyed this book and what a delight it was . I loved it and have not read such a good book in a while . Of course being a follower of Christ we could have done without the gay character and I'm not slighting any particular group here I'm just stating my opinion . thank you for reading and following and take care and until next time .

Monday, May 22, 2017

what a lovely book now mainly a Christian read and this is exactly what I need sometimes . I loved this book I loved the charecters and when those two were on the roof discussing their lives which I'm sure must have flashed before their eyes . I cannot imagine that at all . This is a delightful read and I think anyone who reads it will love the charecters and all their charm . Please do yourself a favor and get a copy . You wont be disappointed .

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

what a shocking and depressing read

yes this reminded me a lot of the Magdalen girls but that is where it stopped being anything close . This book is about a young woman who has given birth in cork Ireland to what would become the kingpin of corks crime families . Yes it is that depressing and sad and I m sorry I chose this book . I was looking for a lovely summer read and this is not it . I did not like very many of the charecters in this book and it was shocking to read this one . I would say get a copy for yourself but skip it if you are not very into learning about foreign crime families .

Monday, May 1, 2017

this was an okay book and very typical

was just me This book was rather typical and I guess it I
me more than anything . It seems like from reading other reviews that I was the only one that thought this . I thought this book could have had more character development and more forethought with this . I cant say I really disliked but cant say I liked it either . This one was just blah . maybe the next one this author writes will be better .