Thursday, May 25, 2017

great book

wow what a delightful and all around good book . I found it interesting how a tight knit family can just unravel after the death of a loved one . I loved learning about the sons and the lives they have led and how one character was apparently gay and in love with a straight woman . This author does a magnificent job of drawing us in and wanting us to love these charecters as much as she does . You can tell from the writing how much she loves these charecters and she took her time developing them . I for one very much enjoyed this book and what a delight it was . I loved it and have not read such a good book in a while . Of course being a follower of Christ we could have done without the gay character and I'm not slighting any particular group here I'm just stating my opinion . thank you for reading and following and take care and until next time .

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