Monday, July 22, 2013

Is it just me or what ?

Okay I was watching a weather channel broadcast and the reported seemed to have trouble with pronouncing certain cities and I do mean correctly and then she had trouble with pronouncing countrys correctly . I m wondering if the lack of education in this country contributes to such things ? I mean as many of you know I had a catholic education and a darn good one in fact and Im proud of it too . But I do know that catholic education does make a point in teaching values and excellent pronunciation . Now im wondering where many of these weather forcasters go to school ? college perhaps ? Well if some of them are any indication of the college system then their parents have waisted their money . Do any of you ever wonder if they have to take a test to become a weather forcaster ? I know this has crossed my mind several times . I caught myself yelling at the tv last night and I repeated the city correctly and yelled at the tv "Oh you twit " LOL .....

Friday, July 12, 2013

More thrift finds

Here are some more thrift finds now I know I need a better camera and so I will tell you what these are . Some of you readers might know that I collect minatures of things so the first one is a minature noahs ark I picked up for 50 cents . The second minature is a pink flamingo . I just adore minatures of anything because I used to love fairies when I was little and someone told me that fairies live in a miniature world so there you have it folks two more finds ....

Monday, July 8, 2013

What was inside those boxes ?

Okay here it is yeah it is all stationery ....and for a paper nut like me this is an awesome find . I just adore the little pooh notecards with the see through envie in the first pic and then there is the 2nd pic and it had at least a hundred note sheets with the peking ducks at the bottom ...I thought it was just awesome and so many people get stuff like this as gifts and they just toss it to the good will well there dumpster stuff is my treasure find ....I love it . Take care all my readers .
Now these are the other two goodies I got in the thrift store . and as for what is in them that will be saved for the next post . Oh im such a tease are'nt I ? For those of you who know me some of my fave things are the Pooh bear and the piglet from the hundred acre wood . I also happen to adore the charlie brown gang of which I proudly say I am a member ..LOL . Don't laugh it is true .So there you have it I hope you enjoyed this post and will write again and let you all know what was in these boxes when I bought them .

Friday, July 5, 2013

an awesome thrift store find again !!!

well inside this envelope it holds several postcards all new never written on from the palace museum in the forbidden city  in bejing city , yes folks china . apparently someone took a trip to China and either forgot about these or just threw them out . You see things like this are such a rare treat to find I could not pass it up . I was only charged a dollar , yes a dollar . What a find let alone for a dollar ...Im doing a happy dance today too .. This is just one of the treats I found . Over the next several days I will show you other things I got stationery related ....well anyways thanks all . The writing on the front there says Palace Museum and chineese writing as well , even the original price tag is in chineese ....Okay Im done gushing .

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I guess Im a turtle and frog addict

hi see these cuties I have had them for a while but am just now taking pics of them . The green one is my flash drive for my puter . The other one was a gift from a really good and dear friend . I have been meaning to put these up here for awhile . Btw the way the flashdrives are available at best buy and they have all kinds like polar bears , bears , alligators , raccoons , rabbits I thought they were cute and then I spied the turtle and it was instant love and feeding the addiction for my turtle and frog love . Oh well folks I hope everyone has an awesome evening . The husband is sick tonight so I wont be doing my regular rounds until tommorow .great sunday shopping I hate it . Oh well one must adapt mus'nt they ? well as I said have a great evening .

Friday, May 24, 2013

Lookie what I got in the mail today

This dear one showed up at my door this am and I am just tickled pink over it . Yes I know the word pink again . I told you all pink is my signature color ... I even have some african violets with pink leaves and yes one might say that I am obessed with pink what is a girl to do ? Now this awesome , awesome gift came from a friend whom I dare say I hold the highest regard for  and I do hope that she feels the same about me . Please note to this valued friend this dear one will be with me forever and will be held always close in the heart and as you can see she got the place of high regard as well . She sits and keeps watch over my precious african violets and I cannot think of a more honored job than that and also that she shares their shelf in the green house . I shall call her mama because that name  was referenced  in the card that came with her . There  you have it,  my newest member of the green house shelf is Mama . I hope she likes it here with us .

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Well Im on the hunt again

Well my dear readers I am on the hunt for a new food processor my last one died and I just let it go to its grave with many tears . I just cannot bear not having one another minute longer so today we will go and be on the search for a food processor . I love hamilton beach products and have a very good blender made by them . Yes I love their blenders the one I bought before this one I have now lasted forever and I m hoping this blender will do the same . Now food processors can be somewhat difficult to figure out at first and Im hoping I get the hang of it rather quickly , You see I like to make alot of homemade soups , salsa , etc and it really does make sense to have one since my husband likes to eat alot of grated cheese and etc . So I figure it might even help to save some money on our food bill by buying the cheese block and then having the food processor shred it up . My husband also likes his salsa and this way he can make different types of salsa .So now when I get it purchased I will put a pic up of it and show you all what I bought .Well my dear readers I think that will be all for much of the day take care and wish me well .

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another rummage run

I found this little beauty on one of my rummage runs as I call them . this is a box full of note cards and envies .These were brand new and had never been used or opened . There is some french writing on the front of the box . My french is rusty really rust at best and thinking it says The flowers . If someones french is better than mine then please by all means correct me . I will most definately not be upset . Now some of my dear readers whom I write too as well will receive one of these beauties in the mail . Well now it seems like I have made up my quota for these last couple of days by posting two blogs on the same day . Well my dear readers I am off to do my best at cleaning and be done with it . Thanks all and take care and have a blessed day . 

Well it finally got here

Well my dear readers it finally came in the mail yesterday . it is my new pink fountain pen . Yes pink is my signature color much like that of the charecter Shelby in one of my fave movies of all time "Steel Magnolias " . I guess you could say I am a steel magnolia . And yes pink is my signature color . I have a pink cell phone , pink tote bag , and also have pink shoes too . Yes I am quite a fool for the color pink . This pen is awesome it is economical in cost , only on 5 bucks on amazon and this pen has some weight to it but not too heavy either I just love love love this pen . It fills easy . It writes very well and does not leak through paper . Now im wondering if I could get some pink ink to put in it ....whoa pink ink . The very thought makes me giddy with delight . well enough my dear friends if you want to order one just look in amazon under fountain pens .

Saturday, May 11, 2013

well I came across the little lovely on one of my rummage venturing ... yes it is no longer called thrift store shopping it is now re named rummage venturing . You see for any of you who watch NCIS with Mark Harmon (hot hot hot ....:) ) , I , like Jethro Gibbs have a set of rules I live by and it is sometimes hard to explain that one to folks so I just tell them simply rule # and then I recite it for them . Really simple but still you have the ones who hmmm when you tell them . LOL ....Now I did not go into the store specifically looking for this little beauty but it was like it was sitting there waiting for me LOL two of my many fave things in this world frogs and sunflowers and I for one would never have thought to put the two together but as you can see it is quite a good combo in my opinion ... I dont know where the liking of frogs , turtles and certain flowers came from ...I just wonder how many people can relate to having a fave thing in the garden , world , etc and dont know where the fave came from ? I wonder how many just walk around not really thinking about it .Well I could go on and on about this but I wont . Anyways have a great day and smile .... I will leave you with this thought wrinkles are time tracks across your face LOL .....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The last 48 hrs has really sucked !!!

I have really been put through the ringer in the last 48 hrs . Well wed am I had woken up with a nagging cough and an asthma attack and I stuck it out most of wed until wed pm when I went to the er . the er did an xray to make sure I did not have pneumonia or any other upper respritory ailment all was fine and got scripts and I left and felt better . That was until I got to the pharmacy this pm . I was totally embarassed because  I could not afford my scripts and my medicaid was saying I was not covered . So the pharmacy clerk asked me " What are you supposed to do if you cant afford your medicine ? " I told her "Well they want you to die so you are not a problem anymore " .  She was in total disbelief that they were not programs out there . I find that most people who have never had to try and get on one of those programs know nothing of what they are talking about . I told her fine , since they wont approve my meds I will just keep going to the er when I have an asthma attack , like the head pharmacist said I should do . He aint happy that this country is so screwed up and good people like me are getting f-ed over by the system when they keep doling it out to foreign countrys . He said if he could he would give me the damn medicine no charge but as it is he is barely keeping his head above water and I understand that . I love that guy he really tells  how it is . I like this guy very much I hope he does not go outta business . Life just really sucks sometimes .

Saturday, May 4, 2013

the albino frog mail goodie

Okay fellow readers I have been given a different direction with this wonderful goodie I got in the mail yesterday . I now have given the thought that the froggie is an albino (Thank you Limner ) . so now I must find a name for him because everything I get that has to do with plants gets a name yes I have a set of rules I live by and one of the rules is that everything gets a name keep in mind that this frog is an albino and will stay that way no painting him green so there you have it . I am open to names send me your suggestions .....I think I will have some great fun with this . thanks fellow readers .

Friday, May 3, 2013

Lookie what I got in the mail today

Yes I got this nice fellow in the mail . Im going to repaint it because I think it would look better with being green the true color of frogs ....I just love frogs and turtles . But since everyone has been posting about what they have been receiving in the mail so it has come to be my turn ..well here goes now remember Im re painting this guy .

Saturday, April 27, 2013

What I have busy with

Well dear readers this is what I have been busy with the last week or so ... and let me tell you I used to be much better with taking photos but when I lost my camera my  very good camera with tele photo lens and whole nine yards when I went to help out with Katrina as in hurricane Katrina with a van full of our church attendees . A whole other story indeed and some of you im sure know the story and for those of you who dont I will be glad to save that for another post I m just hoping I have saved some of the pictures on my computer which im sure I have . Now on to what I had orginally intended to put in this blog :
here we go

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Not hard to imagine why this lady is one of my faves

Not hard at all to imagine why this lady ranks among one of my faves to watch in films first off she is what I would call devestatingly beautiful and definately classy and she loved animals as well . I often think that is why william holden was desperately in love with her . I also read Gregory Peck was in love with her as well because his marriage at the time was falling apart . It is often quoated that Holden climbed up a tree outside her room while drunk and fell off the tree onto a car and she looked out the window and screeched . I could not imagine a classy woman like this screeching ...LOL ... I also often think what might have been had she turned down mel ferrer and married Gregory Peck ?? back in those day that was simply not done . Both of their careers most likely would have been over and scandal would have followed them for the rest of their lives not like today at all . Movie stars today seem to go from one love affair to another with no consequences at least not on this earth .... She had a heart for animals and the tribes people of africa she was after all the unicef spokeswoman for many years as some of us old farts might remember . I certainly miss women of this caliber these days this lady amongst many were women of distinction and of good moral charecter , severly lacking in most women these days .... I will try and do a series on some of these women as well at least once a week . take care all and hope you enjoyed this little stroll .

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Back to the bone doctor again for the knee again

Whoa will it ever end ? the endless dr apts for the bones ? wow it does really bother me everytime i walk now and I cannot tell you the pain I endure with the stairs can someone say owie and then some ? well Im trying my best not to over do it until I see the dr on monday . If I am not in pain in one area of my body then it is another . I would not be surprise if when all is said and done I will have to have surgery on this knee . I did have one surgeon about five years back when i first injured it tell me well I would like to go in there and clean it out . Im suspecting a nasty torn ligament or some such thing is going on eeek ... yes it does hurt i have had torn ham strings etc and sure feels an awful lot like that if I had to compare the pain to something . I hope everyone is having a better day/week than Im having . yes I have pain pills but I really dont like taking them unless it is absoloutly neccesary .Yes it seems lately when I come on here all I do is talk medical talk or something about plants . Okay it is official I am a plant and meds freak LOL .....take care all and have a better day/ week than you are having .

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I hope that spring comes soon .

I do hope that spring comes soon . I have so many seedlings to put in the soil and on the sill and in the green house . Im also going to african violet show next month and I woudl like very much for it to be warm by then and ready to rock and roll and get me some more avs . mother natures cold attack killed all but one of mine . yes thank God it was the prettiest one of all of them . I also ventured into making home made topsy turvys out of coffee cans so much cheaper than the 10.00 you shell out for the store bought ones . I guess I just try and see how something is made and i try my hand at it and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not . Hey nothing ventured , nothing gained . well the movie Lincoln came out this week so i will see if I can rent it because i cant afford to buy it so I would like to very much see it in the comfort of my own home .... to anyone who has not seen this movie I highly recommend that you do . Although I did not agree with some of the awards that were not given for this movie . One of my fave actresses sally field got cheated by not getting an award for this movie I think she did a fine job of portraying a presidential wife who obviously had some sort of mental defect . I wish that the movie had dealt with her after lincolns death a little more . From what I have read Mary todd lincoln did not fare well with the death of her husband and for lack of a better word went off the deep end and spent some time in an institution placed their by her oldest son . what wife or mother for that matter would have dealt well with the death of her sons 2, of the 3 passed away and from what I have read Mr. Lincoln did not fare well with Willies death at all and it changed him forever . But Mary Todd Lincoln was prone to fits of uncontrolled anger and depression and a great deal of mental stress and troubles and in those days they did not know how to deal with such people . But I think my heart goes out to someone with such troubles . So I will very much rent this movie and tell you what I think of it after i have seen all of it take all and adieu until next time my dear readers .

Friday, March 15, 2013

im back and well again

you see folks there is this horrible strain of flu running around according to cdc this is a strain that the shots do not cover and it is here and in full force . Hubs has it now and kind of feel bad for passing it to him , I would not wish this on anyone at all . Oh well kids have fun and Im happy to say that my tomatoes on my windowsill are having a good time and I just wish  Father Winter would take Mother Nature and have a spring fling LOL .... well take care all and Im so glad to be back and hope all is well with all of you and of course a most humble thanks to LImner for all the well wishes ...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

down with the flu dear readers

This is the second day I have been suffering with this nasty flu . Im glad i took the shots because I cant imagine this flu being worse than what I am expieriencing . This is awful and all I want to do is sleep . I hope this passes soon . thanks all and hope to be back soon .

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Has anyone else heard this ?

Hi all it seems as though the post office has now decided to charge extra postage for puffy stickers if they are on your envie it will cost you .20 cents more to have a letter mailed ... yes what is next a 1.00 per stamp ? the post continues to try and put theirselves out of business why oh why ? If i were in charge I think a private entity would do a better job of running the post office . But that is just my opinion for what it is worth .. i was just wondering if anyone else had heard this . Sure wish spring would rear its beautiful head i mean I have tomatoe plants and other flowers and luffa poppin out of my pots . and this year I have decided to try my hand at training tomatoe plants to vine and I hope this project is successful wish me luck you all . take care all and have a wonderful day or week or whathave you .

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

forgive me but is that not what hitler said about the jews ?

Flashes of the holocaust hit me today . A blogger comment used the term less diserable citizens to say that obama care would weed out our less desirable citizens , seems like Hitler said that as well when he was in power and trying to eliminate the less desirable citizens in our society . Is our society headed the way of nazi controlled Germany ? I sure hope not because that is what my grandfather and his brother were on the beaches of normandy that day and one area my great uncle never left . He was killed on the beaches of normandy . So you see I take it rather personally when folks talk about the less desirable being weeded out through obamacare , still think the head man in charge is not a communist or a socialist ?

I cannot believe that someone thinks obamacare would weed out our less desirable citizens

You all will not believe that someone left a comment on my blog about how obamacare might actually weed out our less valuable citizens ... I for one think every life is valuable and if you think that being disabled means less valuable i pity you and I feel sorry for you . I feel sorry and hope you never become disabled or poor and homeless and let us face it . Alot of people are not homeless due to their own fault in alot of cases it is circumstances beyond their control ... I cannot believe someone would think that obamacare is a means to weed out less valuable citizens and would nt you know it this azzhat did not leave their name or their blogger name figures you have the balls to say it have the ball to leave your name you azzhat ..

to whoever left the nasty uncalled for comment on my last post

Hey you whoever left the nasty comment on my blog post get a life and grow a set and leave your name . too bad you are too chicken sh*t to leave your name and Im so glad you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and may you never know what it is to be poor or disabled .

I am a people listener

Yesterday while sitting in the drs office and listening to a group of nurses talk about obama care . They said that the government has already been mailing out pamphlets to drs offices and then one of the nurses had talked to one of the drs and she was saying that the way the dr understands how it will work is the dr will have to make a decision on who gets treated or not . Am I to take that as if someone shows up in the er who is not that bad,  in the drs opinion will be sent home and possibly die and the dr nor the hospital will be held liable for the said death ? wow Im really scared of obama care now as if I was not before but now it is come to my mind to be a very dangerous thing that our government is playing with . The government has no buisness in our health care decisions at all nor much of anything else . I have also heard from several of my pen pals that they just simply wont be able to afford obama care and they depend on their tax return to cover alot of over due bills and yet if obama care comes to be a reality they will recieve nothing in the way of a tax return . I for one seem to think if that becomes the case then folks will just simply stop paying their taxes and the government will force them to go underground so to speak and get paid in cash ... what dear readers is your opinion ? do you favor obama care and if so why knowing that obama care might mean death to some ? and to others a life on the street with nothing ? Let me know what you think .

Thursday, February 28, 2013

wow i think Im in a better mood

well just to let all my readers know I am working on two books . One is a kids book which I will need the name and addy of a publisher if any of my dear readers know any please pass on the info . The other one is a manuscript I must have tucked away a while ago because I found it while cleaning out my bedroom this past week and just cleaning period . So naturally when I saw it I totally wanted to kick myself in the head and I was like what in the world is wrong with you ? or so I would like to think is what happened and i just tucked it away . So these two books will be taking a significant amount of my time so if I dont blog here very often it is because I am working and working hard to get the kinks worked out of this manuscript too . Im just hoping it does not take me 2-3 yrs to finish this book . I hope this book does me justice or I do it justice whichever may be the case . Wish me luck .

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

have any of you exp windows 8 ? I hate it to say the least

Hi my dear readers I feel as though I should say this my husband bought me a new laptop but I hate windows 8 . It is too complicated unless you are a computer genius and I do mean that because navigation is complicated and I m thinking about just trading my husband this computer for his . I just wish I thought more and more about this purchase and had I known at the time that the windows 8 is so nasty ugh !!!Im also working on two books right now I managed to find a manuscript last night while looking for my inhaler (yes I have to use an inhaler ) they (the drs ) claim I don't have asthma but when I take the aerosol from my inhaler I stop coughing and I don't seem to be as stuffy as I normally am . does that tell me anything ? I don't know but will report to my dr when I see her on the 18th .I still am taking therapy Im not sure why , I think sometimes yes and sometimes no I don't understand it .I am urging all my readers to make sure when someone tells you windows 8 that you do think twice my dear friends about even attempting to navigate such an instrument ... It is a good thing that Microsoft does not ask my opinion of windows 8 because believe me when I say they would get an earful ....LOL . Yes I am just in one of those moods to tell people to go put it in their ear and that is being nice .

Monday, February 25, 2013

I hate this place my husband works

Hi dear readers and hope you have had a good day as for me and mine we have not had a really great week or day . My husbands company has screwed us over big time and now we cannot move this spring but we will be going next spring and no if ands or buts about it . I am just so fed up with this company thinking everyone that works there should sleep eat and poop this damn company and yet they can cost you money and it is no big deal . so you can better believe my dear readers that I will be taking this whole year to figure out how I can screw them over in return and I will not blink an eye over it or about it . I have had it with this trial and tribulation that I am going through .

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wal mart pisses me off again !!!

You know I guess this was just my week for being crapped on and Wal mart never fails to let me know that they do not give a rats ass about the customer and im sorry for all of you who have to work there I really am . But let me tell you something , Wal mart sucks and then some and they have managers who have attitudes and I mean a serious attitude problem and yeah I know some customers are bees and pees but there is no reason to loose control when a customer asks you for a better deal on a product that your store provides . Now I must say Im debating ever walking into another wal mart or wal mart ever receiving another of my pennies or dollars . I urge all my readers to please read up on wal mart policy and how you are not valued as a customer . I think wal mart and a few other corps should learn where their bread is buttered and that my dear readers is us their customers , yeah their customers !!! Because wal mart would be shit without customers that is right and I said it and Im proud of it . I think John Q Public should be afraid very afraid to shop wal mart . They are affectionatly known in my household as the evil empire !!! that is correct THE EVIL EMPIRE !!!! Mad ? You damn right im mad . Hear that wal mart you have a damn mad customer on your hands and yes i sent a nasty email to corporation wal mart and let us see if they have the balls to get back to me . Sorry if I am offending anyone but hey let us see you go through what I have gone through in the last week and see if you would not be mad as well !!!! There you have my it dear readers .

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It never rains unless it pours

boy never in my life would I think it would be so hard to find things and have them all come together at one time for us . It just never fails that something will ultimately go wrong . I have to stop myself and say Now Lord you know and i know that you dont want such and this etc to happen to a child of yours , so please Lord show me the path I am supposed to take and sometimes im wondering if Im hearing from the Lord or from satan . Those are times when I just get busy in the bible and read and pray and read and pray and sometimes I will get an answer but it is all in the Lords time not mine . I think we as christians probably hold some people to a higher standard and we are not supposed to do that at all . I find myself doing that alot . I wish I did nt but i do and it is one of many of my faults when it comes to people in general . Im so hoping that I get an answer sometime this week from The Lord showing me what path we are supposed to take because this study and search is getting more difficult and Satan sure has been busy I will tell you that . also please pray for my husband because things have been very difficult for him as well , satan has been busy with him as well . I sure aint giving up because Satan wants christians to give up and give way so that he can win . Well I do believe that God is mightier and can move mountains .

Monday, February 18, 2013

wow okay talk about mail art ...

okay thought I would send a pic of this amazing envelope im sending out to one lucky pen pal. I sometimes wonder what the post office must say when they see envies like this . Or any of the other bits and pieces of awesomeness that i see in the blogs about mail .Well now it is up to the rest of you to show me your awesome mail that you send out every week . another day down on my blog and I hope to get better really soon about posting every day or every other day . So there you have the challenge my dear readers show me some mail art !!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

It just occured to me that I forgot something

okay all of you mail artists are you interested in proving that some of us still do send mail and mail art ? then please send this guy a letter . He is the columnists that I talked about in my last post about how he thought that no one sends mail anymore and or mail and mail art is a decade gone by . Well please please send this guy some mail and mail art and let us all show him how wrong he is and he might even be swayed to post the letters and the mail art in his column would that not be a hoot ? to have some of our art out there to live in infamy to borrow a word from the Dear Mr. Winston Churchill . Please oh please dear readers let us all gather together and show this columnist he is wrong .... thanks all and here is the addy and please write on and draw on !!!!!

19329 E. Pinewood Dr.

Centennial, CO 80016   I put Mr. Al on the envie out of respect and just a general knowledge that some folks truly dont like someone calling them or writing to them by their first name when they are not close personal friends . Or so I was always told by my dear sweet granny who also happen to admire and love Mr. Winton Churchill and she was an admirer or the last great President Franklin D. Roosevelt and she would often recant of her standing with her mother and father while they were living in one of the state where  the train carrying his body after he passed away  , came through and how all the grown folks were crying and waving hankercheifs in the air and saying goodbye . well let me get back on track and say Have a wonderful day my readers and remember to get those letters out . thanks again .

Not working again blogger , really ?

Dear Heads in charge , some of our comments are not posting because of an error with blogger ... grrr okay I am officially mad now . So anyway another blogger posted about how a columnist said that no one sends  mail anymore so I thought I would do my part and send this columnist some mail art and I did and i hope i have made him see that people do send mail now a days and they also do mail art as well . I hope he posts an article about how he received all these pieces of mail art ... One can only hope that he will . Well that is about all my dear readers and yes I hope to post on Monday pm that we have a better idea of what city and state we are going to end up in all I know is that it will be warmer than where we are now . Oh yeah I have told you how tired I am of snow . I can honestly say if I never see another snow flake for the rest of my life that would be just fine with me . well bring on the tomatoe sandwiches , cool ice tea and cole slaw and oh yeah dont forget the bbq ribs and the tater salad , yummy . Gotta go dear readers take care all of you . thanks .

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Counting down to my next big move

10 wks to go yeah that's right 10 wks to go and guess what I have tomatoes growing on my windowsill yeah that's right tomatoe plants and they are in coffee cans until they get to the apt home with the patio in 10 wks . this drive will be nothing compared to the last move we made . This drive is 10 hrs and the last one was 16 hrs .... much easier this one . I cannot wait to get to a warmer environment and my dr thinks it is best for my health to be somewhere warmer . apparently where I currently live has the highest bad rating for breathing issues so I am so glad to be going to a warmer climate and am needing alot of prayers that everything goes smoothly ... yes ten weeks , come on ten weeks ...get here . Oh well all too dah lou and talk to you dear readers later .

Friday, January 4, 2013

The abcs of life

I got this from Melissa and here we go ;
A is for age ;51
B is for Bed size Queen
C. is for Chore you hate cleaning the bathroom
D. is for dogs one 6 yrs old and the other is 7 yrs old
E. Essential start to your day : coffee
F. Fis for fave color : royal blue
G. Gold or Silver : Gold
H. Height : 5'10
I , Instruments you play : Violin and cello
J Job ittle : home maker right now
K. kids yep 5 grown ones and 3 little ones called grandkids
L. Live in Ohio for now and then in 14 wks im headed to south carolina .
M Married
N. Nicknames ; cathy , cat , kitty
O . Overnight hospital stay ; 2 once for the pneumonia that was actually a week . and then for 3 days because of a pain caused by an upper egd .
P. Pet Peeve ; dirty socks on the floor and sports shows that run over their time slot .
Q;Quote ; Be nice to everyone because everyone is fighting some kind of battle .
R. Righty or Lefty ? Im a Righty
S. Siblings ? yep too many
T. Time you wake up ? 630
U . Unniversity you attended : i was not that fortunate to attend a college
V . Vegetables  you dislike ? yep rutabagers
W. What makes you run late ? bad drivers and late phone calls
X. Xrays you have had ? I have had neck , head and chest x rays
Y. Yummy food ; Chicken and dumplings
Z. zoo animal favorite : elephants and monkeys
i hope you all will do your blog the same and let us know more about you . oh well take care all and this was fun .

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So glad things are back to normal

I for one am glad all the holidays are over and im back to normal as well . well I hope that we have many more sunny days this week because I planted some tomatoe seeds in my terrariums today and I hoping that will give them a headstart . So maybe I should say a prayer over them . My dill seeds is coming up left and right and in my opinion nothing will liven up a dish better than fresh herbs . Im really tired so if I dont make any sense then please excuse and feel free to delete the ramblings of a tired old woman . I have also been up all this week at around 630 and ugh I hate it being up so early . well just let me say Im so glad I have all my friends and family still around and none of them are in the hospital or sickly . Here is to many more post in this lovely new year of 2013 .