Saturday, May 25, 2013

I guess Im a turtle and frog addict

hi see these cuties I have had them for a while but am just now taking pics of them . The green one is my flash drive for my puter . The other one was a gift from a really good and dear friend . I have been meaning to put these up here for awhile . Btw the way the flashdrives are available at best buy and they have all kinds like polar bears , bears , alligators , raccoons , rabbits I thought they were cute and then I spied the turtle and it was instant love and feeding the addiction for my turtle and frog love . Oh well folks I hope everyone has an awesome evening . The husband is sick tonight so I wont be doing my regular rounds until tommorow .great sunday shopping I hate it . Oh well one must adapt mus'nt they ? well as I said have a great evening .

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