Friday, May 24, 2013

Lookie what I got in the mail today

This dear one showed up at my door this am and I am just tickled pink over it . Yes I know the word pink again . I told you all pink is my signature color ... I even have some african violets with pink leaves and yes one might say that I am obessed with pink what is a girl to do ? Now this awesome , awesome gift came from a friend whom I dare say I hold the highest regard for  and I do hope that she feels the same about me . Please note to this valued friend this dear one will be with me forever and will be held always close in the heart and as you can see she got the place of high regard as well . She sits and keeps watch over my precious african violets and I cannot think of a more honored job than that and also that she shares their shelf in the green house . I shall call her mama because that name  was referenced  in the card that came with her . There  you have it,  my newest member of the green house shelf is Mama . I hope she likes it here with us .

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