Thursday, May 9, 2013

The last 48 hrs has really sucked !!!

I have really been put through the ringer in the last 48 hrs . Well wed am I had woken up with a nagging cough and an asthma attack and I stuck it out most of wed until wed pm when I went to the er . the er did an xray to make sure I did not have pneumonia or any other upper respritory ailment all was fine and got scripts and I left and felt better . That was until I got to the pharmacy this pm . I was totally embarassed because  I could not afford my scripts and my medicaid was saying I was not covered . So the pharmacy clerk asked me " What are you supposed to do if you cant afford your medicine ? " I told her "Well they want you to die so you are not a problem anymore " .  She was in total disbelief that they were not programs out there . I find that most people who have never had to try and get on one of those programs know nothing of what they are talking about . I told her fine , since they wont approve my meds I will just keep going to the er when I have an asthma attack , like the head pharmacist said I should do . He aint happy that this country is so screwed up and good people like me are getting f-ed over by the system when they keep doling it out to foreign countrys . He said if he could he would give me the damn medicine no charge but as it is he is barely keeping his head above water and I understand that . I love that guy he really tells  how it is . I like this guy very much I hope he does not go outta business . Life just really sucks sometimes .

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  1. I'm curious. Aren't there free clinics in your area? I worked for doctors and hospitals for the first half of my life. We donated the lion's share of our prescription samples to free clinics. Clients paid anywhere from zero to one or five dollars for treatment. The clinics are staffed by doctors and nurses who volunteer their time.

    No one in America goes without medications. Call the 800 number of the drug company that makes the meds you need. Explain your situation. They have programs that will give free meds to indigent and needy people. Your doctor will give you samples as well.

    I get samples quite often in case the medication doesn't agree with me. There's always an answer to a problem. Call social services. They have patient advocates who can help you.

    Be well.