Thursday, October 26, 2017

Re injuring an old injury

For all my readers : Halloween is coming and I feel like a ghost yes you read that right a ghost . The last few months have been hellish for me and yes hellish indeed . My teeth gave me night mares those are fixed now and then my old ski injury has inflamed on me . I never broke anything but my knee did become distended and swollen while sking on snow years and years ago . I was a teen ager then and recovered quite nicely and no one including the ortho doctor that this could become a major pain in my older years . One would think that orthopedic doctors would warn you like they do today about being aware of re injuring it or it just being a major pain. No , they did not . So now I am in a brace again and let me tell you there are weeks when I am in a brace and full of pain still , Every dr I have ever been to about this injury tells me that surgery is not an option for this type of injury . So now my question is , do they expect a body to live on ibuprofen or pain meds for the rest of the time that we have left ? well I bought a new knee brace and I'm sorry but it is shitty to say the least and I am getting my money back on it so I can buy a better one at least and feel better or at least a semblance of less pain to put it mildly . well heres to all of you who can walk normal this week while this old gal is dragging her leg like the mummy . Happy Halloween all and take care .