Saturday, May 29, 2010

Look at these creatures

Okay look at this that is right actual live deers caught in a field today . They started to run away and then I shouted oh please wait and stop and they did . My husband could not believe that they actually stopped and looked long enough for me to get a pic of them I was so thrilled to see these wonderful creatures running free in the country as God has intended . It did my heart good to see that and that made the trip worth while for me .

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

well some resolution

I want you all to know that I got some resolution on the problem I was having with meter and it is fixed and done for . also it got hot here yesterday and supposed to get hot today too oh well that is life one minute hot next cold . Okay here we go again complaining about the weather . also reading a fabulous book and wanted to see how it was different from the movie . It is called the magic of ordinary days and if that title is familiar , it is because it was a hallmark special that was on tv some time ago. then after that is dear john a recent movie and the book is by Nicholas sparks . I hope to enjoy both but will give a review after I am done with both . As always :be careful out there among them english and negative ghost rider . For those of you who thought I stopped ending my blog entry for the day that way . God bless all take care .

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Could this day get any worse ?

Man could this day start out worse ? the screen on my ultra select meter just busted and I cannot replace it and the meter company is closed on the wknds . crap !! okay i think maybe i should try to make the day a little better and just go on about my business . so I sent an email and the email came back with the wrong meter name that stinks !! so now i have to email or call on monday and hope they have not sent already . omg im acting like a drama queen of course . LOL !!! anyways I figure I could probably let this go for now . oh well that is my life today for today ? How is yours?

Friday, May 21, 2010

I have been reading so much again

Well I have picked up my reading habit again and I do think I will complete my goal of 150 books read by the end of the year . Oh I m so sorry I have not been blogging regularly but really nothing to blog about nothing spectactular has happened . Other than I am still working on my goal of the books read . I sure bless those people who are having to deal with this oil spill . reminds me of the valdes disaster that happened in Alaska twenty yrs ago yes i know some of my dear readers probably were not even born then . Oh on the diabetes front my sugars have been all over the place wonder if it could be related to the fact that I dont sleep well and that i have not been eating right , I guess Im going through one of those lazy phases . Oh well who knows anymore right ? seems like any little thing here throws it off as im sure it is with the rest of you . Yesterday was our first day of sun in five days yes that is right five days . I have had enough rain . Oh well sugars please get better and hope you all have a great day and awesome weekend .

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hi kids we went fresh veggie hunting and to no avail

Hey there all well yesterday I went to see if any of the farms were open yet and nope they are not wont be open until the first week in June . Oh things are so different when you move from a southern climate to a northern climate . Im so used to going to the flea market and just seeing all the fresh southern veggies there and picking them up and going home . Well it seems here in the northern climates no one has fresh veggies untill the first wk in June . Ugh !! Oh well I hope it is worth the wait . Well the weather is wonderful and beautiful . finally some sunshine after so much rain traveling over from Indianna . We get tons of rain from Indianna apparently . It is okay cause I like rain too .

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I have not blogged for a while

I have not blogged for a while and the reason is because I have had nothing to blog about . Nothing spectacular has come in the mail . well there you have . I wish something would happen but only want good . Yes Ohio has left us in cold weather or rain . The old saying goes if you dont like the weather wait an hr it will change . anyways it is cold .

Sunday, May 9, 2010

went exploring again

On saturday we went to explore some more of the world called ohio and wanted to get to trader joes as well . So stopped at buck eye lake state park and saw these canadian geese with their babies never have seen the babies before . Now my b i l has stated more than once that he thinks that these canadian geese are the meanest creatures put on this earth . Oh well I will have to reserve thoughts on that .

also went to the farm today and saw and petted the goats and the cows and they are so funny and so friendly . the cows tongues are like sand paper . I had fun . I did not take any pictures at the farm cause it was so cold .

Sunday, May 2, 2010

oh the joys of exploring !!!

I love to go out and explore especially since I am new to where I live and loving it , even though it may not sound like it at times . Here are some photos . Have an awesome day .
yes that is right that is a tiny post office too cute looks like a mini post office to me lol !!!
and this old awesome looking courthouse . Gotta love the old buildings and the small town americas . Love it .